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    Beyond the Genome and Biomed Central are pleased to offer a range of sponsorship opportunities, simply download the sponsorship brochureto view what is available.

    Sponsoring this event will:

    • Place your brand name in front of over 500 internationally renowned researchers, clinicians, graduate students, post doctoral fellows and biotechnological policy makers.
    • Associate your company with key areas of post-genomic research in biology and medicine.
    • Have your company at the forefront of the mind of those involved in charting future developments, including the Human Microbiome Project and the resequencing of matched tumour and normal genomes from specific types of cancers.

    Sponsorship Opportunities include:

    • Conference Bags
    • Welcome Reception
    • Lunch Breaks
    • Conference party - 10 years of Genome Biology
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    Email:  events@biomedcentral.com

    UK call:  0800 389 8136

    Outside UK call:  +44 (0) 20 3192 2009

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