2nd Global VR/AR China Summit 2017

hosted by PTP International

Crowne Plaza Shanghai Noah Square

Start: Thursday, 29 Jun 2017 09:00

End: Friday, 30 Jun 2017 18:00

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  • 2nd Global VR//AR China Summit 2017

    Event Brief Introduction:

    In 2016,VR/AR went viral and became the worldwide buzzword, various high-tech giants made strides into the VR/AR sector one after another and rolled out their products. Investment enthusiasm, however, has faded somewhat due to public sentiment and ever-changing investment appetite since the second quarter; consumer-oriented market slid into doldrums and more interest has shifted toward AR, the industry entered a technology-based shape-up period. But market players remain upbeat about VR/AR, according to data published by IDC in August 2016, global income in VR/AR industry looks set to hit 162 billion USD in 2020 from the 5.2 billion USD in 2016. 


    VR/AR showcasing facilities and low-end products has successfully completed education to the market, interest has spread from tech-Geeks and fans to average consumers, more opportunities emerged for VR/AR applications in gaming and entertaining arena; on the other hand, huge development room lies ahead for B2B market, more and more firms are conducting in-depth development in the B2B sectors, more viable business mode are being explored by VR/AR applications in various industries, with more VR/AR products hitting the market this year, 2017 is expected to become a year when VR/AR ecology system is taking shape. Against this backdrop, the 2nd VR/AR event is coming back again!


    This event , featuring a co-held exhibition, will gather more than 500 high level participants from 20+ countries, they come from both heavyweight high-tech companies and brilliant startups, cover the whole value chain, such as hardware producers of head mounted display devices, 3D camera, input devices; software developers of VR software development platform, VR SDK, content development tools; content providers of VR games, VR movies; VR/AR industry solutions providers for commercial marketing, engineering, architecture, clinical medical, defense; technologies companies for image recognition technology, gesture control technology, voice input and out technology; as well as distribution channels and VC/PE. In this event, 30+ VR/AR industry leaders will deliver speech covering industry whitepaper, new products release, new technology and research achievements, and carry out diverse forms of interaction and partnership.


    During this event, we will arrange a special road show /demo show for startups to attract attention from leading PE/VC investors and media, and there is a co-located exhibition show for global VR/AR leaders to show their cutting-edge technologies and products. We will also arrange 1-on-1 meetings for our exhibitors and sponsors, to provide a bridge for their global partnership and product distribution channel development in China. Most importantly, we will host a VR/AR industry award ceremony to commend those companies which has made outstanding contributions. We believe this event will be an ideal platform for VR/AR industry communication and partnership, each participant can get global market updates, obtain newest product and technology information, promote their own product and brands, explore potential clients, seek business partnership, and step towards the top of the mountain with the global VR/AR market booming in 2017! 



    Event Highlights:

    2000+ Professional Visitors Participation in the concurrent VR/AR Exhibition

    500+    High Level Participants

    150+    Outstanding Companies across VR/AR Value Chain

    100+    VR/AR New Products and Technologies Releases

    30+     Eminent Speakers Composed by VR Evangelist and Technology Geek from Global Top Companies

    50+    Project Roadshows and Crowdfunding by Startups

    30+    Top VC/PE Investors Attending

    20+    Mainstream Media Report

    Award Ceremony: Industry Awards at Inaugural Global VR/AR China Conference 2016

    Project Roadshow and Demo show: Startups Attracting Funding In front of PE/VC and Industry Media 

    Mini Exhibition: New Products Release and Exhibiting


    Why Should Attend

    1:Obtaining Global Market Whitepaper for VR/AR Industry

     2:Examining the Cutting-Edge Technologies and Products in VR/AR

     3:Experience the Thought Spark from Local Elite and Silicon Valley Guru

     4:Finding the Best Application Scenarios for Your VR/AR Product

     5:Getting on the Ideal Platform for Your New Product Release and Crowdfounding

     6:Grasping the Best Opportunity to Attracting PE/VC Investors

  • Directions

    Event venue address

    No.1699 Jinshajiang Road, Putuo District 200000 Shanghai China
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Event organiser: PTP International
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