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    Art Of Selling Yourself - 3 Day Intensive Training

    Want to skyrocket your confidence and deliver an influential presentation or public talk that will put unlimited cash back in your pocket for life?

    Sound too good to be true?
    • If your answer is yes, chances are you are not generating as much income from your presentations and sales as you could be. 
    • If you are not in sales, chances are you are not getting paid the salary you could be getting if you were better at influencing others.

    If you would like to turn No-s into Yes-es to make twice as much income (or more) in the same amount of time, this is the program for you!

    Bringing your message and your ideas to life in a presentation that sell is crucial but equally important is bringing YOU, the messenger, to life! Why? Because people buy and believe in YOU first before they even consider buying your ideas, products and services.

    Do at least one of the points listed below ring true for you?

    • You don’t know how to sell as well as you need to
    • You are not getting the support and buy-in for your ideas and projects that you would like
    • You find it challenging to come up with exactly the right words to clearly and concisely articulate what you have to offer or what you want to say
    • You can promote and help someone else to sell BUT when it comes to yourself or your own products, you become shy, stuck or tongue-tied
    • You could be too close to your subject matter that you cannot communicate in a way that everyone understands
    • You are already a fee paid speaker or trainer and want to improve your ability to sell from the stage or at the back of the room

    The Art of Selling Yourself 3-Day program has one powerful outcome: 
    For you to design and deliver an influential presentation that will work in any size sales, presentation or public speaking setting in only 3 days!



    1. How to create an powerful presentation or public talk that sells (without being ‘salesy’)
    2. How to structure a unique presentation that suits your style and leads people to your desired outcome
    3. Speak the language of “What’s In It For Them” so that you can get quick buy-in and support (Works in both personal and professional life)
    4. How to have a winning mindset that silences your inner critic
    5. Timeless formula for teaching, training, presenting or speaking. Formula includes:
    • How to deliver a confident introduction and make a positive and lasting first impression
    • How to introduce yourself in multiple business scenarios to gain instant credibility
    • How to structure your data and case studies to naturally educate and sell at the same time without being "salesy"
    • How to guarantee meeting interaction and audience participation
    • How to craft and execute a clear call to action that makes it easy for people to take the next steps with you

    6. Know what to prepare to face a skeptical audience or answer “hot” or challenging questions

    7. How serving your audience and following a simple system can eliminate stage fright and the fear of speaking in public
    8. Timeless Formula for Do It Yourself Copywriting:
    Using step-by-step international marketing and sales communication writing formats in print publications, emails and on websites will save you a fortune in time and money

    There’s more! You will also learn…

    1.    Seeding
    2.    Expert title / Brand positioning
    3.    Webinar / teleseminar sales formula
    4.    Anatomy of case studies and testimonials

    All throughout the weekend, you’ll be putting together what you learn with lots of “on your feet” practice on your own and in small groups, with 1-to-1 coaching from me.
    Class size is limited to only 12 people.
    Exclusive Bonuses:
    • Pre-Session Consultation and Analysis (Valued at US$1,250 / S$1,670)
    • 1:1 Coaching Session with Deborah (Valued at US$1,250 / S$1,670)
    Register now to grab your spot in this elite training to skyrocket your confidence, credibility and sales conversion.
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