"I tripled my income within 10 months of attending the program” – Kevin Khoo, Singapore




     "I learned how to connect with audiences appropriately, what types of questions to ask, when to give instructions, when to assess the audience and the situation. I developed the basics of my first “Passion Audit” product in the program. I also learned to increase energy and engage the audience. I like the cozy group. Deborah gives everyone a lot of attention and coaching time." - Avan Chan, Hong Kong/Singapore


    “I learnt how to analyse and learn from the masters. I gained the confidence of setting my goal on large platform presentations. I have new inspired ideas to expand my business. It was great to craft my presentation putting together all the tools I have learned before.”- Tan Su Cheng, Malaysia



    “I learned to speak more slowly, connect with an audience, be authentic, and how to practice. I liked the coaching session – very specific to the area I want to work on and achieved the breakthrough I wanted.” – Jona Pang, Singapore



    “After just one coaching session with Deborah, the first presentation I did there were 38 people signed up for our service on the spot!” – Georgene Ang, Singapore

    "I learn so much from Deborah in this program. From personal branding of my company to the structuring of the workshop that I will be giving. She also guided me on how to work out the power point to make my information look attractive yet not too over crowded with words. She really gives lots of insights and ideas during the one on one coaching. The most important take away I have is how to sell my workshop without appearing too sales oriented and pushy. I am so very glad that I decided to go for this workshop because I realized that I can not only sell my service but I am selling myself more! Comments from friend recently stated that I am looking and speaking more confidently than I used to." - Charlotte Lee, Singapore

    “Fearless in five warm up” is awesome! Really worked and got rid of lots of nerves. I like the build up to the end presentation. Greatest take-away is the putting together of speeches and the confidence.” – Jeremy Muller, England/Singapore/Australia

    “I learned how to craft my own speech and gained confidence delivering it. Now I understand who I am better and I know that I can sell myself" -Nguyen Phan Nhat Thanh, Vietnam

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