• Ryan Bijkerk | Development manager | The Netherlands

    Ryan (@Logitblog) is a development manager at Login VSI. He is also involved in the independent research Project VRC and speaks at events. Besides working, Ryan enjoys writing for his blog and riding his MTB.

  • Tim Mangan | MVP | United States

    Tim Mangan runs his company, TMurgent Technologies, which is based in Canton Massachusetts. Primarily focused on training customers on App-V, the company also provides consulting services and a ton of free tools for folks in this space.

    Microsoft MVP for App-V, Tim is also a Citrix CTP and has worked with application virtualization since he built SoftGrid (the original name for App-V) in 2000.

  • Falko Graefe | MPV | Germany

    Falko Gräfe works in the global ASP / Hosted Dekstop team of Evonik Industries in Germany. His responsibilities range from designing future components of Evonik's global Remote Desktop Services and VDI environment over optimizing the current landscape to providing 3rd level and engineering support.

    After his study of Computer and Business Sciences, he has been working in the IT industry since 2000. He worked as a Trainer and Pre-Sales Engineer for ADN Distribution and as an Architect, Consultant and Trainer for Login Consultants Falko's projects typically include designing and engineering desktop virtualization infrastructures with technologies like Microsoft Application Virtualization, Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop and Provisioning Services as well as User Environment Managementsolutions like AppSense or Immidio Flex Profiles. 

    Please review Falko's community contributions here: www.kirx.org & here www.kirxblog.wordpress.com

  • Nicke Källén | MVP | Senior Consultant | Sweden

    Nick is currently employed at Knowit and heavily involved in troubleshooting at customer sites. A passion for understanding technical issues and how to offer the best possible solution for everyone involved - useability for the users and manageability for the support staff. More information about Nick? Please follow this link: www.applepie.se

  • Ralph Jansen | MVP | Senior Consultants | The Netherlands

    Ralph is a Senior Consultant working at Login Consultants in the Netherlands. He is currently focused on migrating the workspace and applications to the datacenter. Ralph has been working with Application Virtualization since 2007 and expanded his knowledge in the past years. Since 2011 Ralph shares his knowledge through his own blog (http://ittechlog.wordpress.com) where he posts technical articles. In 2012 he was the winner of Microsoft's App-V "Package Accelerators Contest". Ralph spends as much time as possible with the App-V community through Twitter (RalJans) and Technet Forums, where he helps and keeps in touch with fellow Application Virtualization engineers. His contribution to the community led to an MVP award in April 2014.

  • Bram Wolfs | MVP | Technical Consultant | The Netherlands

    Bram Wolfs is an IT Consultant with a wide range of experience in the IT industry, his primary focus and interest is around Application and Desktop delivery solutions from Microsoft and Citrix. Bram supports customers with building their IT infrastructure from the ground up and to get the most out of there running infrastructure to increase customer productivity. Besides his job as consultant he spends time in developing tools to support his daily job, several of these are available through his blogs site : BramWolfs.com


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