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    Workshop 3: Achieving Successful Cyber Resilience Uplift in the Asia Pacific Region

    The objective of the Aviation Cyber Resilience Project is to bring together a diverse regional group of aviation stakeholders to interactively discuss the cyber threat challenge. The Project focuses on risk awareness, strategic planning, strengthening resilience and fostering people to people links and networks. Notwithstanding, the overall objective is positioning the Asia-Pacific as a global leader in aviation cyber resilience


    At Workshop 1, the cyber threat; risk landscape; the need and significance of cyber resilience; the importance of collaboration, cooperation, communication and trust; and the interdependencies of the aviation cyber ecosystem were discussed. For more information on Workshop 1 https://en.xing-events.com/STZTANL.html


    Workshop 2 built upon the outcomes of Workshop 1 and explored cyber resilience in Aviation. The workshop raised awareness of the impacts of a major cyber incident on the Aviation industry and highlighted the need to be proactive, strategically focused in approaches to evaluate what occurs before, during, and after a threat is encountered. For more information on Workshop 2 https://en.xing-events.com/AviationCyberResilienceWorkshop2.html


    Building upon Workshop 1 and 2, Workshop 3 will continue to focus on the interdependencies and complexity of the aviation cyber ecosystems, and the evolving cyber threat landscape faced by aviation in the Asia Pacific. It will discuss why aviation is a growing target for cyber-attacks and highlight some of the important factors, capabilities and strategy needed in order to enhance an organization’s people, processes, systems and technology to enable a robust cyber resilient system. The workshop will discuss through table top exercises “how to get started” in enhancing cyber capabilities and will identify some of the external resources and tools which are available to organisations today to support them in building their cyber strategies. It will further address  how, on a limited budget, to balance risk management in a cost effective way to maximise an organisations’ cyber security capabilities and protection


    Cyber resilience and the long game!


    Participants will have the opportunity to engage with leaders from across industry and gain first hand experience of the challenges of cyber incidents on Air operations posed through a simulated cyber event. Thereby deepening their undertsanding of the collective responsibility to adopt a cyber incident response framework which integrates with an organizational crisis management framework

    Note: All participants must register online prior to their attendance to the workshop. Registration to the workshop is free for all participants, there are no fees associated with attending the event.  It must be noted space is limited, and therefore registration will be on first-come, first-served basis. Early registrations are highly recommended due to the high number of expected delegates

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