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    Better Cotton GIF Funding Partner


    The global conference provides access to an international audience, prominent stakeholders within the cotton industry and organisations with a commitment to sustainability.

    Your sponsorship is a simple and affordable way to promote your company to relevant stakeholders in decision-making roles, with knowledge about sustainability in cotton. If BCI’s mission and values are in alignment with yours, we encourage you to contact us and explore the possibilities of becoming a conference sponsor.

    Your organisation will have a high-visibility opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, connect with a desirable audience, and be recognized as a leading supporter of innovative, efficient and effective improvement practices in cotton production.

    Join the conversation in Brussels, Belgium as we demonstrate how you can be a part of the important solutions to ensure cotton has a more sustainable future.

    Download the complete conference sponsorship package here.

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BCI 2017 Global Cotton Conference



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Event organiser: Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)
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