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    Harbin Engineering University (China)
    HEU has gained a superior position in various aspects such as nuclear power plant system simulation, safety analysis methods, operational support and other areasof cutting-edge technology. Moreover, HEU undertakes special projects onnational defense; all the research content meetsthe international standard for simulation experiment methods of new design for nuclear power plant technology, as well as in operation and identification of regulations.HEU pays great attention to the international cooperationwith Japan and the USA. In 2007, HEU successfully bid for the “111 Project” on study of nuclear power plant technology and establishment of the laboratories for majors in national defense construction disciplines. In 2008, the second session of the International Conference on Nuclear Harmony was held at HEU, further expanding HEU’s international reputation in the field of nuclear scienceand technology.
    WSC is a privately held, technology driven company with engineering simulation as its core competence. WSC’s vision is to provide the Power Industry with innovative, state-of-the-art, simulation technology products and services, that will add value in the design, commissioning and safe and reliable operation of their power generating or process plant assets.
    WSC’s state of the art 3KEYSOFTWARE® technology has its roots in the nuclear and thermal power plant Operator Training Simulators. WSC will continue to invest a significant proportion of its profits in its products, to add value to the engineering design and construction process through Simulator Assisted Engineering and to plant operation economics through simulation grounded equipment reliability and asset life cycle management processes.
    China Nuclear Power Simulation Technology Co., Ltd (CNPSC)
    China Nuclear Power Simulation Technology Co., Ltd, (CNPSC) was registered on 9th May 2008. As the only professional company in domestic nuclear power simulation, CNPSC focuses on nuclear power simulation technology research, products development, engineering and maintenance services.
    CNSPC boasts advanced core simulation technology and software platform internationally, provides life cycle nuclear power simulation system solution for the client relevant with nuclear power, and plays important role in the safe, reliable and economic operation of nuclear power plants.CNPSC boasts a superb technical team and excellent management talent, which covers nuclear power operation (with license), reactor engineering, thermal energy power, electric, instrument control, computer system, software development, etc. It can take on the engineering and service of several simulation development projects at the same time, which presents the sustainable development of the company in technical innovation and engineering practice.
    CNPSC is ready to provide all-round professional simulation service for the nuclear power users with faithful attitude and advanced technology.
    L-3 MAPPS
    When you are looking for increased reliability in your power plant’s performance, you can count on L-3 MAPPS’ simulation experience to get you there. Our dedication to true-to-life power plant simulators ensures that your personnel have the knowledge required to safely and efficiently operate your power plant. Providing more than just training devices, our simulator solutions—powered by L-3 MAPPS’ unparalleled Orchid® suite of simulation products—will elevate your engineering team to new heights in addressing plant design issues, procedural deficiencies, and reliability improvements.
    We offer a variety of products and services, including full scope simulators, classroom simulators, engineering simulators, part-task trainers, simulator retrofits and upgrades, and the latest addition—learning simulators. L-3 MAPPS provides design-to-completion turnkey systems, specific components, and simulator design tools as required by the customer. With a worldwide presence, a solid leadership position and a well established service program, L-3 MAPPS ensures the success of your simulator projects. Our simulators offer the highest quality in simulation fidelity and training to provide trainees and instructors with user-friendly tools for learning, controlling, and exploring complex power plant systems. Users can directly implement simulator modifications to exactly reflect plant changes, evolve their training programs, and expand simulator use into other areas.
    L-3 MAPPS simulators can also be equipped with severe accident simulation capabilities for reproducing the effects of beyond design basis accidents.
    GSE Systems
    GSE is a world leader in real-time, high-fidelity simulation. We develop and provide simulation and educational solutions to the nuclear and fossil fuel electric power industry, the chemical, process and manufacturing industries, and to the U.S. Government and military. In addition, GSE provides plant monitoring and signal analysis monitoring and optimization software primarily to the electric power industry.
    Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute (SNERDI)
    Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute (SNERDI) is the leading technology research and design institute for nuclear electric power in China. SNERDI is responsible for the engineering and design of several nuclear power plant projects in China and overseas. This includes Westinghouse AP1000® nuclear projects, such as the Sanmen and Haiyang nuclear power plants in China and Chasma Unit 2 in Pakistan.
    SNERDI has a long association with Westinghouse, having produced 3D plant models to support Westinghouse’s AP1000 plant design, which is recognized as among the safest and most advanced nuclear power plants on the market today. It is based on standard Westinghouse pressurized water reactor (PWR) technology that has achieved more than 2,500 reactor years of highly successful operation. Modular in design, the AP1000 promotes ready standardization and high construction quality. It is also designed to be economical to construct and maintain, while promoting simplicity and ease of operation.
    DMS Software Corporation
    Beijing DMS Software Corporation is the only service company in China that focuses on engineering related software sales, training and tutoring, system integration and software development, project consultancy and reinforcement advising and project detailed design. With our advantage in technical capability among China based companies of the same trade, we offer complete software solutions for various steps of the entire life cycle of projects, including bidding, concept design, detailed design, construction, operation and maintenance, rebuilding and expansion, and decommissioning.
    Shanghai Jiaotong University – School of Nuclear Science and Engineering (SNSE)
    Established in 1958, the Nuclear Engineering Department of Shanghai Jiao Tong University is one of the most well known nuclear engineering departments in China. The basic disciplines for student education and training contain the fields such as nuclear power plant systems, nuclear thermal-hydraulics, reactor physics, nuclear safety, radiation protection, nuclear system control and operation and nuclear material.
    The School of Nuclear Science and Engineering (SNSE) was established in 2006, including three departments, i.e. Department of Reactor Engineering, Department of Nuclear Material & Fuel, Department of Radiation Protection & Nuclear Technology Application. Five research sections have been set up for various research subjects, i.e. Section of Advanced Nuclear Systems and Safety, Section of Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulics, Section of Reactor Physics, Section of Reactor Structure & Material, Section of Radiation Protection & Environment. The infrastructures, such as an education & training center, experimental facilities and a software platform, have been established.
    SNPTC, as the transferee of the advanced 3rd generation nuclear power technology, is the main body to execute related engineering design and project management, and to form the Chinese brand of nuclear power technology via digestion, absorption and re-innovation of the imported advanced technology; is the major carrier and research platform to accomplish the introduction of the 3rd generation nuclear power technology—AP1000, building the project and developing independently in a self-reliant manner; is the leading entity to proceed the major project of large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor CAP1400/1700; and is the body to carry out the building of national major program demonstration project.
    Westinghouse Electric Company provides fuel, services, technology, plant design, and equipment to utility and industrial customers in the worldwide commercial nuclear electric power industry.
    Westinghouse Electric Company has a long-standing commitment to excellence in commercial nuclear reactor technology. Westinghouse offers nuclear technology and engineering training programs to the global nuclear industry through both traditional and online courses that incorporate advanced educational techniques that are tailored specifically to the needs of utility personnel in order to achieve competency-based learning objectives. With the nuclear renaissance upon us, Westinghouse is uniquely positioned to work on a global scale to facilitate the production and implementation of well designed, well facilitated training programs that will prepare the industry to meet future demands of energy production and the resource challenges that accompany it.
    Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operations and Management Co Ltd
    Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operations and Management Co., Ltd. (DNMC), established in March 2003 through the joint investment of Guangdong Nuclear Power Joint Venture Co., Ltd. (GNPJVC)  and Ling Ao Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. (LANPC), is responsible for the operations and management of GNPS and LNPS and both the operations preparation and operations management of LNPS Phase II. “Safety First, Quality First” is the principle DNMC persists in. “Safe Production, Pursuit of Excellence, Staff Values and Team Spirit” are the values DNMC cherishes. And together with the company culture focused on the safety culture emphasizing transparency and experience feedback, DNMC is making every mint of its efforts to operate the stations to the world-class.
    INET Tsinghua University
    The Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology (INET) of Tsinghua University was founded in 1960 as a top nuclear research and experimental base in China. After near fifty years, It has developed into a comprehensive research center with multidisciplinary research, design and engineering projects mainly on nuclear technology. In 2003, a new department within INET has been established to promote researches on new energy formats such as hydrogen, solar energy, fuel cells and biomass.
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    Supported jointed by the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences and University of Science and Technology of China, Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (abbreviated as INEST) was founded in September 2011 based on the advanced nuclear energy technology research team (FDS Team). INEST is the professional institute focusing on basic research of nuclear energy safety in China. It also is the independent nuclear safety assessment and evaluation center with the aim of promoting the sustainable development of nuclear science and technology.
    Tianwan NPP
    Tianwan NPP is located in Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province. The first phase project includes two 1000 MWe Russian VVER PWR units with the gross investment of 3.24 billion US dollars. Russian side is responsible for overall design and supply of major equipment and CNEIC is responsible for implementing foreign negotiation and transacting the arrival formalities, customs clearance, commodity inspection, transportation and payment of equipment. At present all contracts are being executed smoothly. The Unit 1 has been connected to the grid and the work at Unit 2 is going on well all around.
    China Guangdong Nuclear Power Company (CGNPC)
    CGNPG currently owns Guangdong Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station (GNPS) and Ling Ao Nuclear Power Station (LNPS) Phase I with nearly 4000 MWe of installed generating capacity. CGNPG had consistently complied with the guideline of “Safety First, Quality First” in building up GNPS and LNPS Phase I, in succession, to put into place the benign mechanism of “utilizing returns from existing nuclear power capacity to nurture further growth of nuclear power in a rolling-on manner”. Built on the nuclear power station of the 1000 MWe class introduced from France with significant technological innovations and modifications, CGNPG has established its own technical route of CPR1000, the improved Chinese PWR.
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