Integrative Societies and Disability: Open and Smart cities from social sciences

hosted by Biocat

CosmoCaixa Barcelona

Start: 05 Oct 2017

End: 06 Oct 2017

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  • Integrative Societies and Disability: Open and Smart cities from social sciences

    The emergence of information and communication technologies, as well as the globalization of economy and information, entails, since the beginning of this century, a profound social structural transformation: family, work, education, information, employment and political participation. Sociological and biological life cycles of people: youth, paternity / maternity or aging are already substantially different.

    Moreover, new technologies have led to models of citizen-oriented society where digital management may allow an increasing participation in all spheres of community life. It is in this new social context where B-Debate objectives focus on how people with disabilities can interact in this changing environment, which can sometimes pose new difficulties, new challenges to be met, but also new opportunities.

    These will be the main topics of discussion during this B·Debate “Integrative Societies and Disability: Open and Smart cities from social sciences”, an initiative of Biocat and "la Caixa" Foundation, co-organized with Institut Guttmann, and with the collaboration of the Institute of Governance and Public Policies (IGOP-UAB).

    The aim of the IIS B·Debate is to create a working framework in the intersection of knowledge from social sciences, information and communication technologies with the aims of:

    • Analyse the needs of the people with disabilities in relation to their social life in this new scenario: rights, empowerment, participation, etc.
    • Debate how open and smart cities are going to become models of integrative societies and identify the opportunities that they can provide for people with disabilities.
    • Identify and define the challenges for this new social scenario to be really inclusive for people with disabilities.

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    CosmoCaixa Barcelona C/ Isaac Newton, 26. Barcelona 08022 Barcelona Spain
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B·Debate: Integrative Societies and Disability: Open and Smart cities from social sciences 5/10/2017, CosmoCaixa Barcelona


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