IWMA Seminar Dubai 2019

hosted by IWMA

Dubai World Trade Centre

Start: 21 Jan 2019

End: 21 Jan 2019

  • Shipping your goods to Dubai ...

    Dear Sponsors,

    there are two options to send your goods for the IWMA Seminar to Dubai:

    1.) Your company / organization will be exhibiting at Intersec: In that case you will probably have all you need to showcase during the seminar at your booth on the exhibition floor and you will just have to carry the material upstairs to room Sharjah D (1st floor, above hall 6)

    2.) Your company / organization will not be exhibiting at Intersec: You may send you goods directly per courier. Important: Please advise your courier to deliver DDP (delivery duty paid)! The weight of your package should not exceed 50 kg. Please send the tracking number to the IWMA headoffice. Please use as delivery address: Consignee: Airlink International UAE, c/o Intersec Middle East 2019 (IWMA, hall 2, German Pav. booth 2-F32), P.O. Box 10466, Dubai, UAE! The responsible person in Dubai to get in touch with (in case you need to) is: Mr. Jihad Khoury, Tel.: +971 (0) 4 332 5334, Fax: +971 (0) 4 332 5155, e-mail: j.khoury@airlink.ae. IWMA strongly advises to use DB Schenker as courier as they are partner to the organizers of the German Pavilion at Intersec. Before sending any packages please inform Michael Breutel (michael.breutel@dbschenker.com) or Nadine Gutmann (nadine.gutmann@dbschenker.com)

    Please note that the Dubai World Trade Centre has once again changed some rules and regulations:

    - We will not be allowed to use the foyer of room Sharjah D as an exhibition area (we may use this area solely for registration purposes and during our coffee breaks)

    - the DWTC will provide a table for each sponsor within the meeting room (please prepare your tabel before the seminar starts, your IWMA contact person will be in the room on 21st January from 11:00 onwards)

    - But: you may leave your material with the IWMA contact person at the IWMA booth on the exhibition floor (Hall 2, Fire and Rescue, German Pavillon, booth 2-F32) from 20th - 22nd January 2019!

    (IWMA Seminar / Event ID: tbc)

    Please note: Neither the DWTC nor expotec GmbH or the organizer of the seminar can be made responsible for any losses or damage to any of the materials before, during or after the event!

    Our contact person at the DWTC is (for questions concerning the meeting room):

    Hajar Faraj

    Tel.: +971 (0) 4 3086654 / mobile: +971 (0) 556777570

    e-mail: hajar.faraj@dwtc.com

    All other questions should be directed to IWMA (please go to IWMA Secretariat for contact details) or:

    Birgit Brückner (expotec GmbH), Tel.: +49 (0) 30 22 90 80 61 / brueckner@expotecgmbh.de

    Ines Dursun (wohlgemuth + team gmbh), Tel.: +49 (0) 30 20 88 640-11 / id@wohlgemuth-team.de





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