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  • The 27. EBS Symposium

    New markets in the developing world, the crevasse between rich and poor or the fundamental change in the way conflict plays out, may all be viewpoints from which we can tackle this concept. Due to the dynamic environment, a state of need may arise in different forms, in different markets, as well as different geographical regions, creating a brilliant array of facets we may investigate. 

    This topic brings to the forefront, a range of fundamental questions which we must face: 

    Is it enough to simply act as a result of acute need? Or is it already too late when we find ourselves in such a situation? Is it even possible to forego the requirement of need and desperation as a prerequisite for invention and innovation? And if so, how? Finally we must pose the question about the innovator. Who will find the answers to all these questions? Who will be able to newly interpret the

    principles of our world and as a result be able to shape our future through invention and innovation? Is it even possible to answer all of these questions? Climate change, new conflicts and financial crises could be a starting point on this spectacular journey. 

    From the 21st to the 23rd September 2016, we will welcome 1000 rising and motivated students and young professionals, from the disciplines of business and politics, who dare to discuss and intimately deal with this topic of fundamental human development. The EBS Symposium in no way claims to have, or guarantee answers to these questions, but much rather offers a platform for exchange and rigo- rous discussion. 

    We look forward to inspiring speeches and a highly motivated and international audience. It is time to look the challenges of a new age straight into the eye, question our principles and ask ourselves: Who will design our future?

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    Rheingaustraße 1 65375 Oestrich-Winkel Germany
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