• The 22 startups that will take part in the pitch competition:

      Briac Barthes, Cofounder & CEO

    We developed a consumable based iron battery that aims at eradicating kerosene lamps use in developing countries, and that can charge a phone.



      Gianpaolo Rando, CTO & Co-founder

    SwissDeCode has the vision of building trust and securing the global food supply chain. Based near Lausanne, the company helps farmers and food manufacturers to grow and produce food that is safe to eat by delivering real time certification of authenticity, safety and quality of products, processes and premises.



       Ian Rousseau, Co-founder& CEO

    Vacuum pressure measurement is a key technology for quality assurance in electronics manufacturing.  Compared to the state-of-the-art, our vacuum gauge-on-a-chip promises lower cost, improved performance, and longer lifetime.



      Sylvain  Dubey,  CTO

    AgroSustain develops and brings to market natural plant-inspired solutions to stop and prevent further development of molds on agronomically important crops. AgroSustain’s product extends shelf-life of crops infected with broadly spread molds.


    Sebastian Savidan, Co-founder, Management & Communication

    At “Wake it” we help young people who want to wake up in a good mood by increasing their motivation and avoiding tediousness unlike other conventional and boring current alarms.


    Bertrand Ndzana, Co-founder & CEO

    Swiss Public IT is a Switzerland based high-tech company that reimagines the way telecommunication infrastructure, IT infrastructure, and value-added services are built and deployed.  Its solutions allow infrastructure to be built at a lower cost to enable the adoption of new technologies such as distributed ledgers and Internet-of-Things at scale.Building on connectivity, Swiss PIT will transform the agriculture sector by introducing an e-agriculture platform based on blockchain and IoT connected devices.



         Ramzi Bouzerda, Co-founder & CEO

    We provide utilities, businesses, communities and governing bodies with our full-stack solution to increase the efficiency of their water management processes by at least 20%.


    Andrea  Tassistro, Co-founder & CEO

    All in one operating system for the online F&B and hospitality industry.



       Kumar   Abhishek, Co-founder & CEO

    At Nanogence we develop synthetic tailor-made novel synthetic material in a B2B framework for application fields such as construction, pharmaceutical and mobility. As our first go-tomarket we chose the application in construction sector. The products are synthesized materials placed at the beginning of the value chain that improves the characteristics of the materials, while being cheaper and eco-friendlier than any comparable products if available in the market.



        Dimitrios Terzis, Co-founder & CEO

    MeduSoil delivers the world’s first bio-based carbon mineralization agents for ground stabilization solutions. The EPFL spin-off commercializes a liquid solution which reacts with the ground and stabilizes it to enable contractors build on solid foundations and protect infrastructures against major threats such as earthquakes, soil erosion and landslides. MeduSoil stores carbon in the subsurface in the form of mineral binders which improve ground strength by 30% and reduce current costs by 20% compared to the use of conventional, cement-based industrial fluids.



        Alexandre Martin, Founder & CEO

    Smeetz is a SaaS booking platform that helps leisure, sport and event organizers increase their revenues. We bring one major technical innovation to the industry with a machine learning-based dynamic pricing model. We have successfully managed our market launch with more than 150 customers and signed partnerships with nationwide companies.



        Gilles Martin, Chief Operating Officer

    The #1 property management platform to share information, communicate efficiently and automate simple tasks.



        Arne-Christian Faisst, Owner & President

    4D Lifetec AG is a highly innovative Swiss startup developing the 4D Lifetest, an innovative, standardized, cost effective ultra-precise liquid biopsy assay for the detection of cancer which is currently under clinical validation.



        Stefanie Flückiger-Mangual, CEO & Co-Founder

    There is a high unmet need for durable therapeutic options for cancer patients. Although cancer drugs reliefpatients from their tumor burden, they oftentimes lose their effectiveness over time. TOLREMO develops novelsmall molecules that eradicate drug resistant cancer cells right at the start of a therapy. TOLREMO’sresistance-breaking add-on therapies can be combined with existing cancer drugs, to meaningfully extend thelives of patients suffering from different types cancer.



        Gilles Lachkar, CEO

    Medyria, in partnership with leading endovascular surgeons, has developed a unique proprietary technology platform. The patented sensing technology measures the blood’s velocity and identifies the correct target position for vessel cannulation accurately with minimal X-ray and C-dye free minimally invasive surgery in peripheral vasculature: TrackCath Positioning System precision may be used to identify clotting, coil or cannulate into micro vessels. TrackCath precision is 1mm and it is 10 times more precise than Fusion Imaging Technology.



        Yaakov Benenson, Co-Founder

    Pattern BioSciences uses gene circuit technology to design programmable gene therapies that can recognize complex molecular patterns, leading to higher efficacy, lower toxicity, and a reduced development attrition rate. We aim to occupy the early value chain in the rapidly growing gene therapy market both via internal and partnered projects.



       Jannis Fischer, CEO

    Dementia is a major problem in our aging societies costing nearly a trillion USD worldwide per year. Treatments are on the horizon, but an affordable and widely available diagnostic technique is still missing. Positrigo’s brain imaging system, called CortEx, offers functional brain imaging to everyone at a fraction of today’s cost. Positrigo CortEx is up to ten times cheaper and up to ten times smaller than currently available multi-modal whole-body scanners.



       Danuta Cichocka, Co-Founder & CEO

    Resistell proposes an alternative to culture based antibiogram, the current gold standard in antibiotic susceptibility testing. Our offering is a diagnostic device. Because the test is growth independent, we reduce the time taken to get a result from days to hours. Our customers, hospital labs, will buy it because we save patients’ lives and cost.



      Peter Nestorov, Founder & CEO

    Scailyte is a data science company in the emerging market of single-cell analysis (to reach USD 1Bn in the next 2 years). We develop and commercialize data analytics tools for extracting knowledge from single-cell data and we partner with industry and hospitals to discover novel biomarkers for precision medicine (multi-billion market).



    Andrea Chicca, Co-Founder

    First in class inhibitors that enable restoring normal brain functions providing a safe and effective therapy for neuropsychiatric disorders. Posttraumatic stress disorder as primary indication based on optimal scientific rationale, high unmet need and profitable market (25M patients in the US; estimated market of $1.2B).


        Sven N. Hobbie, Co-Founder

    Juvabis is a seed-stage biotech startup that develops next-generation antimicrobial therapeutics against highlydrug resistant infections. Juvabis holds an exclusive worldwide license for a strong IP portfolio invented at the ETHand University of Zurich by its co-founders. Juvabis has benefited from generous non-dilutive support by the Innovative Medicines Initiative and developed a lead to IND-stage clinical candidate with Phase-1 trial scheduled tobegin in May 2019.



        Amélie Béduer, CEO & Co-Founder

    Volumina Medical develops disruptive medical devices for the regeneration of soft tissues (breast, body, face) that have been lost after tumor ablation, disease, trauma, or for purely esthetically purposes. It addresses the need of 800 000 patients/year needing to regain durably their physical and functional integrity, as well as the need of plastic and reconstructive surgeons missing a safe and efficient solution to repair the body in 3D.


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