• Our mission

    The mission of EPFL Alumni is to provide graduates of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne an exclusive, international network and a strong and lasting relationship with their school.

    To do this, EPFL Alumni offers graduates a directory full of 30,000 contacts of EPFL graduates across the globe with access reserved to alumni. It furthermore provides them with opportunities for meeting, training and consulting. EPFL Alumni creates a platform for exchange and services on topics as diverse as career, expatriation, research, entrepreneurship and volunteerism.

    EPFL Alumni ensures that graduates can benefit from the support of older peers by fostering opportunities to meet in Switzerland or abroad. We are aided in this task by our local and international chapters, whose committed volunteers invigorate the local alumni network.

    If you too would like to get involved with EPFL graduates, tell us about your project at alumni@epfl.ch, contact one of our branches, or simply support the organization by making a contribution.


  • Start-ups & Innovation programs

    Many EPFL Alumni decide to embrace a career in tech entrepreneurship or deal with innovation on a daily basis in their corporate function. EPFL Alumni start-up programs provide EPFL entrepreneurs with mentoring support and advice from alumni or friends of the School who have developed a relevant experience in innovation, management, entrepreneurship or venture investment.

    Our innovation programs cover several dimensions of entrepreneurship. From leadership development through our network of mentors to access to seed capital or start-up events, you will find more details about our range of services below. These programs are part of the tools offered by the Vice-Presidency of Innovation to support entrepreneurship and innovation.



    For additional information or to receive an invitation to our next event, contact us at innovation.alumni@epfl.ch



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