• What is an Innogrant

    Launched in 2005 with the support of Lombard Odier, Innogrants financed more than 80 teams et help to create 50+ start-ups. These start-ups subsequently recieved more than CHF 300M in additional grants and equity. Innogrant are in the form of an EPFL salary.

    Apply for an Innogrant

    We fund people, and not ideas; we fund entrepreneurs and not employees !

    An innogrant is a maximum of CHF100'000, mostly in the form of an EPFL salary. If you are not an EPFL employee, you will have to find a hosting laboratory. Be aware that we have to follow the rules of EPFL employability - salary grids, 6-year limit for PhDs, ...

    Your project should be in the very early stage, even if the start-up already exists. Innogrant is usually the first funding of the project.

    Applicants should be aware that this support might have an impact on the licensing of intellectual property generated during the project (according to the general rules of EPFL). We encourage you to contact the EPFL Technology Transfer office (TTO) for any question relative to licensing and visit first the TTO web pages relative to start-ups.

    Be sure we will handle your proposal with the highest professionalism and ethics, in particular confidentiality.

    If you think your project deserves support, please contact us.


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