Future of Voice / Telco-OTT Workshop

hosted by Dean Bubley & Martin Geddes

London Westbury Hotel

Start: Thursday, 26 Apr 2012 09:00

End: Friday, 27 Apr 2012 18:00

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    A 2-day Masterclass on the telecom industry's most urgent issues, facilitated by two of the leading visionaries, Martin Geddes & Dean Bubley.

    Day 1: Future of Voice

    A custom, interactive, expert-led learning and networking event. We help you grow your business beyond ‘peak telephony’ by challenging received wisdom.

    - What are the true sources of value in voice and telephony?

    - How can telcos use voice to compete with Microsoft/Skype, Google and Apple?

    - How best to deploy voice on all-IP networks to reflect this new reality?

    Day 1 (April 26th) is an evolution of our previous workshop format on the evolution of telephony, voice services, new communications business models and hot topics around personal connectivity and interaction. It spans everything from underlying psychology (why do people make phone calls? what are the fundamental drivers that determine why we want to connect with each other?) to the evolving nature of voice "beyond the phone call". It considers concepts such as:

    - Peak Telephony
    - Free, Freemium and Less-than-Free business models
    - Why "voice" and "telephony" are not the same thing
    - Personal portfolios of voice & messaging
    - The slow death of standards & interoperability
    - VoLTE & RCS / RCSe (including thoughts on Joyn)
    - APIs and developer initiatives around VoIP & communications
    - "Cloud voice"
    - Operator innovation around voice
    - Thoughts on regulation, interconnect & fixed VoIP

    Day 2 - Telco-OTT Strategies

    The hottest debate at the moment is "How should telcos deal with the OTT threat?".

    Various solutions are suggested - partnering, blocking traffic, differentiating data connectivity based on service accessed and so forth.

    Yet most commentators ignore the idea that telcos can *become* OTT-style players, and indeed have done so for many years. This day looks at the rationale for Internet-based services, case studies, and critical success factors.

    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

    This day will cover some of the key themes explored in Disruptive Analysis' recent Telco-OTT strategies report, plus additional insights gleaned in recent months of engagement with various clients, plus meetings at MWC and other events. It will span fixed and mobile OTT services, from mobile VoIP to online video, and from femtocells to cloud SaaS.

    - History of Telco-OTT (there's a surprising amount!)
    - The import / export model for telcos
    - Death of Ubiquity: Why OTT is inevitable for operators
    - Segmentation of Telco-OTT (comms, content, cloud, connectivity)
    - Technology enablers & platforms
    - Specific analysis of Telco-OTT VoIP & messaging services
    - Partnering with Internet-OTT players vs. developing own-brand operator services
    - Build vs. buy vs. acquire
    - Case studies - success, failure & innovation
    - Organisational & operational challenges for telco-OTT
    - Implications for investors, regulators & industry bodies
    - Round-up of vendors and operators' activities on Telco-OTT

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    Bond Street Mayfair WIS 2YF London United Kingdom
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