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    JAX Community Night………….FREE to attend!

    On Monday July 9th, JAXConf opens its doors and offers an evening of sessions from leading experts in the Java world. Registration is free, but numbers are limited, so sign up today.

    Join us from 5.45pm for drinks at the JAX Expo reception, before taking your seats for the JAXConf evening Keynote presentation from Douglas Crockford: JavaScript:Your New Overlord

    Following Douglas Crockford’s keynote, we’ll have a series of 30minute presentations.  Details are below and more sessions will be added soon.


    Douglas Crockford: JavaScript:Your New Overlord

    First misunderstanding, then huge semipopularity, and now, respect. Despite its many obvious deficiencies, Java's stupid little brother has gotten something profoundly right. What does the future hold for this duckling?


    Simon Maple: Liberty Pi - Lightweight software on Lightweight hardware

    Come and see the coolest thing I've ever done at IBM!  A Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer designed for encouraging school children to program. I've taken that uber-lightweight computer and installed Debian Linux, Java and the new Liberty Profile. Come to this live demo session to have a play with the Raspberry Pi to hear what I did and some of the problems/fun I had! Also you'll see what's likely to be the smallest computer WebSphere App Server has *ever* run on in the world, with your own eyes!

    For more info see www.raspberrypi.org/faqwww.wasdev.net

    Charles Nutter:  invokedynamic: You ain’t seen nothing yet 

    You've heard the noise... invokedynamic is changing the JVM forever. What is it? How does it affect you? Where will it take the JVM and Java developers in the future? We'll look back at where the JVM has been and discuss why it will never be the same after invokedynamic.

    Brian Leathem: Leverage the jQuery plugin ecosystem to create highly-interactive JSF Components

    JavaServer Faces provides application developers with a visual component model for building web applications, standardized as part of the Java EE specification. Components libraries such as RichFaces abstract away the javascript details, allowing one to focus on building applications with a rich user experience without fiddling with complex javascript. However, if you want to provide your user with a rich web experience, and the functionality you need isn’t provided by an existing JSF component library, you can quite easily leverage existing javascript libraries to create your own JSF components. jQuery plugins exist providing functionality in a number of areas, including: image manipulation/galleries, social media interaction (Twitter, Youtube, etc.), page navigation, and custom animations. By wrapping these plugins as JSF components, you maintain the benefits of abstracting away the javascript in your application and encapsulating the behavior within the component. Simple use cases for custom JSF components can be achieved using the JSF 2 composite component feature. A more full-powered approach involves writing “full-fledged” JSF components, a process made dramatically easier with the RichFaces CDK. The CDK approach is based around a template file designed as an extension of a JSF 2 composite component, along with a set of java annotations. These template files and annotations are processed at build time to create the classes required to provide JSF components and renderers. Together, we’ll take a look at creating custom JSF components using both of the above techniques, and demonstrate how to take advantage of the many existing jQuery plugins, providing a rich experience in your web applications.



    Plus another session to be announced soon.



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    1675 Owens Street 94142 San Francisco United States of America
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