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    Political debates around the topics or biodiversity the upcoming CAP reform have shown that sustainability is key concern for Europe. We strongly believe that solutions to stimulate sustainability can be better and quicker identified if we create the environment for a constructive dialog between all stakeholders.

    The "Greening Partnership Day" is an expression of such dialog as we would like to bring together academics, farmers, industry, policy makers and other stakeholders to identify and promote existing and innovative solutions for more sustainable activities.

    In the context of the CAP reform, we have identified the clear need to better understand what is meant with “greening practices”.

    The first part, "Greening in best practice" seminar, hosted by Mairead McGuinness, MEP, will provide the environment to shift the discussion on the „greening“ measures from the general policy approach to the definition of the available solutions or in other terms the best management practice that supports the implementation at farm level. The focus will be on practical examples of application of greening measures by farmers, complemented by a dialogue between policy makers and scientists.

    In the second part, the 5th edition of the European Biodiversity Conference, hosted by Veronique Mathieu, MEP, will be focusing on the current economic and scientific context. It will address the issues of how to create a smart, sustainable and inclusive European Green economy, regarding resource use, agriculture and the environment. What does this challenge mean for EU policy-makers? And to what extent can land managers, innovation and new technologies respond to that need? Finally, how can we best link all these elements for a sustainable European agriculture and environment?

    Distinguished speakers from the European Parliament, European Commission and stakeholders will provide their insights on the subject of the Roundtable, in two distincts parts:

    ELO, OPERA and Syngenta invite all the stakeholders at an open debate, taking place in the European Parliament, from 9.00 - 18.00 on the 16th October 2012.

    The focus will be on practical examples and it will highlight  the need for private engagement to address the loss of biodiversity, the use of natural resources and the need for a sustainable agriculture. 

    A virtual farm tour will demonstrate how greening solution can be put in practice to stimulate sustainable agriculture and enhancement of biodiversity. 

    Please confirm your attendance by October 10th, 2012 by subscribing to the online form or by e-mail at: CAProundtable@operaresearch.eu  or nature@elo.org. Please note that the confirmation is compulsory in order to be granted access on the premises. 




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