The trustee's wife

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Start: Saturday, 09 May 2020 09:00

End: Saturday, 01 May 2021 18:00

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    Weeks after the "sarao" that we enjoyed with Cristina and the Camacho couple aboard my yacht, I came to the conclusion that my trustee was a type flower. I had relearned a lesson that I should never have forgotten: "never judge anyone by their appearance."


    The point is that Camacho became one of my most loyal employees. My situation with his wife had become so white that he had accepted her without hesitation. That attitude motivated me to increase his salary and improve his image within the Company.


    Some things also happened. First of all my wife decided to abandon me. The truth is that I didn't get too bitter: I was saturated. The very witch was threatening to leave me bankrupt without knowing that Camacho had already arranged for my possessions to pass into the hands of trusted figureheads.


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    And to continue, I was appointed President of the company when the previous one decided to retire to live off his earnings and enjoy old days among his grandchildren. To celebrate it, Camacho organized an intimate dinner at his house, where I spent fucking his wife in front of her nose, while Camacho masturbated when he saw us and with Cristina they dedicated themselves to vacuuming up the dust from the carpets, an activity that seemed enjoy more than having sex.


    One afternoon Andrea showed up at my luxurious office. I was very upset. And as always very beautiful. I greeted her as I entered kneading one of her breasts and tucking my tongue deep into her throat. If I was crazy about her, the very bitch could not resist this treatment of knowing that she could never open her mouth without being sodomized before dressed.


    I filled her rectum with my milk and forced her to suck my cock for about 10 minutes while I relaxed. Then I offered her a whiskey and only then did I let her speak. She told me that she was scared. She had gone to the doctor for some discomfort and he had diagnosed her with a two-month pregnancy. Since Camacho had had a vasectomy for years, the child in his guts was my property.


    Immense joy gripped me. I wanted that child since I met her in Alicante and I let him know. But she replied that she was afraid that her pregnancy would deform her and that she would no longer want her in the same way as always. I told him not the best that I could. I couldn't tell him about the morbidity of the pleasures that I was imagining in my head.


    So I kissed her, and thinking about my fantasies I spent the rest of my afternoon fucking her in all her holes until she was exhausted. We agreed not to say anything to Camacho until he noticed his tummy.


    So for a couple of months we continue our usual routine of fucking all the time without worrying. Since the yacht, I no longer worried about waiting for Camacho to leave his house to work to appear at the house to fuck Andrea's bitch. She got up with him, and as the bastard made breakfast, she began to get ready for me. That got me a thousand. And as always, upon arrival, he enjoyed taking her dressed, many times with him looking at me and even receiving my work instructions while pumping his wife.


    Other times, she would dress up to my pleasure and wait for me to pick her up to go out for dinner and dance. Then she said goodbye to Camacho with a kiss on the cheek and in my presence told her not to wait for her because she did not know what time I would take her back.


    I enjoyed this game on both ends. On the one hand, he enjoyed cuckolding Camacho, on the other, he enjoyed the fact that all the sensuality of his wife's little whore was devoted only to my personal pleasure. It was wonderful just to see her. A real doll that lived just to get ready for me. I also had a fortune dressing her. But being rich makes those things unimportant.


    Andrea was so splendidly a whore that all men wanted her. The day Camacho discovered the pregnancy, he appeared in a fury in my office. I hugged him and congratulated him. The very cuckold would be the father of my son. He deserved an award and I gave it to him. I had it ready from the day I heard the news: A week's vacation in the Canary Islands with Cristina, fully paid and with $ 10,000 for expenses. I could dust a lot of noses with that money.


    When Camacho left, I still had the gift for Andrea: It would be a party on my farm. The party was private, but I had hired a music group to play all night just for our pleasure. They were three Jamaican blacks who performed the best reggae on the peninsula. One of my pleasures was to fuck her to the music.


    So when my driver left her, she just smiled as if to say "I should have expected this from you." The party started with me kissing her entire body in view of the blacks, who kept feeding her inspiration rum. Ron and some of that crap that they smoke permeating the environment with a terrible smell.


    While I was breaking Andrea's ass, I noticed that the very bitch looked askance at the muscular torsos of the blacks as if trying to guess if their cocks were as giant as local mythology tells. I loved taking her pregnant. She was losing control as usual. She screamed, moaned, asked for more, and drank milk greedily. When I noticed that my strength was weakening, I signaled for the blacks to come closer. That night, as a prize, Andrea would be fucked without rest.


    The first black approached while my cock was still in Andrea's ass. He stood in front of her and, before his frightened eyes, he pulled a huge cock from his pants. Faced with the indecision and surprise of my bitch, I encouraged her: "Come on, bitch, eat her. Finish her, take the burden of those balls off our friend."


    And she opened her mouth and began by kissing the cocoon of the African. To lick it with the tongue as if it were an ice cream. That show caused my milk to flow into her rectum once more and a cry of pleasure to come from my mouth. But I did not give more, so I called the second black. This one already came with the erect cock and when I removed my cock he replaced it with his in Andrea's ass without any regard. Andrea's eyes went wild in their sockets with pleasure. He had the first black's cock stuck almost all in his mouth and the second black's furiously lashing out at his behind. I sat down comfortably with a whiskey to enjoy the show and once settled I signaled to the third black. Blacks are great.


    I don't know how the hell this guy did to lie down with his back to the ground among that tangle of three people hooked up and drive his huge instrument into the slit of the fox.


    Andrea had long ago continued. He was showing signs of not being able to, but ... What the hell! She had to put up with it if she really thought she was such a bitch. After all, there are women who are born to work, others to suffer, and Andrea was destined to be fucked.


    I don't know how long those niggas were exchanging attention to my bitch's holes. But I fired them when she started screaming for enough. Before doing so, I approached her and asked her:


    "Do you want me to kick them out?" "Yup !!! I can't take it anymore" "Will you love only me?" "Yes I swear!


    Only then did I order them to leave her. She was still dressed, but her $ 2,000 outfit was ruined, broken, and filled with black sperm. His mouth was dirty with semen leaking from his lips.


    I had her carried by the maids, who led her to my personal suite where they proceeded to bathe her with great care. Then they dried her, combed her hair, dressed her luxuriously and brought her to where I was, in the park enjoying the stars. There was no case. A troop of elephants might fuck her, but Andrea would always be a beauty. Too bad he liked sucking other people's logs so much. I kissed her softly on the lips and together we let the warm night envelop us.

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