I, Scientist 2018

hosted by Lise-Meitner-Gesellschaft e.V.


Start: Friday, 25 May 2018 09:00

End: Saturday, 26 May 2018 19:00

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    Student or unemployed
    € 50.00 € 0.00
    PhD student
    € 80.00 € 0.00
    € 120.00 € 0.00
    VIP ticket
    € 600.00 € 0.00
    Networking Dinner
    € 35.00 € 0.00
    Full-day Workshop "Self-management in the PhD process" (May 24)
    € 60.00 € 0.00
    The following ticket categories have been sold out. You can pre-register for them in case someone cancels and a spot opens up. You do not need to pay until you receive an acceptance from the event organiser.
    Full-day Workshop "Communication and Conflict Management for Researchers" (May 24)
    Sold out € 60.00 € 0.00
    Full-day Workshop "Self-management and Career planning" (May 24)
    Sold out € 60.00 € 0.00
    Full-day Workshop "Project management" (May 24)
    Sold out € 60.00 € 0.00
  • Important notes

    Note 1: If you become a member of Lise Meitner Society, you are eligible for a discount and will receive a promotional code which you can use during the registration. Find more info about discounted prices here.


    Note 2: Networking Dinner is only available for female attendees. This is the only part of the event that is not accessible to our male audience. Find out why here

    Keep in mind that your registration for the Networking Dinner is complete only when you submit a written profile (max. 200 words) and a photo of yourself to registration@iscientist.de. Read the details here. Once you have registered for the dinner, you will have 30 days to submit your profile and photo.

    There is a maximum of 80 seats for the dinner, but there will be a chance to pre-register after the tickets for the dinner sell out, so we can let you know if a place frees up.


    Note 3: We have a limited number of places for the workshops. Each workshop can take up to 15 participants and tickets are selling out fast.

    All four workshops are held in parallel sessions on the same day (May 24).

    There will be a chance to pre-register for the workshops after they sell out, so we can let you know if a place frees up. Read more about the workshops here.


    Note 4: If you require childcare or hearing-impaired assitance during the event, please let us know by contacting Kristina via registration@iscientist.de


    Note 5:  Press may attend the conference free of charge. All interested parties should contact us via registration@iscientist.de


    Note 6: If you have any questions for the organizing team, please contact Kristina viaregistration@iscientist.de

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    Volmerstr. 2 12489 Berlin - Adlershof Germany
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