• About the ICC Banking Commission Meetings

    The ICC Banking Commission has established itself as a leading global rule-making body for the banking industry, producing universally accepted rules and guidelines for international banking practice in order to ensure that trade finance remain available and affordable, in particular for SMEs in emerging economies . A crucial aspect to advancing the commission’s work is the opportunity for its membership to meet in person and discuss the various issues facing the industry worldwide. 

    The inaugural Banking Commission meeting was held 80 years ago and it marked the launch of a process that saw the Banking Commission achieve global recognition and reach.   For more information on past ICC Banking Commission meetings agendas CLICK HERE.

    Who should attend?

    1. Financial institutions:
      (sales and client relationship managers, product managers, back office managers, risk managers)
    2. Multilateral Development Banks & Export Credit Agencies
    3. Governmental organisations
    4. Corporates
    5. Independent financiers
    6. Insurance brokers and underwriters
    7. Lawyers and consultants
    8. Service providers
  • 5 reasons to attend the 2015 ICC Banking Commission Annual Meeting


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  • Airline Partner

    The ICC Banking Commission in partnership with ICC South Africa and Standard Bank are proud to announce a partnership with South African Airways  in the context of the BC Annual Meeting. 

    South African Airways is committed to provide delegates attending the ICC Banking Commission Meeting a discount. 

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