• Contacts

    For any  questions pertaining your registration including cancellations, please contact Xing Events at support@xing-events.com or 0800-2642636 (toll free). 


    For any  questions pertaining to the event, please contact: 

    Paulina Martinez 

    Project Manager, ICC Banking Commission

    T: +33-1-4953-3023 





    Whitney Jolivet

    Assistant, ICC Banking Commission

    T: +33-1-4953-2805  




    For visa support, please contact:

    Samuel Mothibeli

    South Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    T: 011 446 3800


    For any visa support letter, please provide the following information:  

    1. Travel dates
    2. Passport details
    3. Important: please include the address of the consulate you are applying to

    Please note – electronic copies of the letter will be sent directly to you – they will not be transmitted to the consulate.



    For  sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

    Paulina Martinez

    Project Manager, ICC Banking Commission




     For  media relations, please contact:

    Leela Shanson