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  • Course Overview

    Consider the various sources of finance available to entrepreneurs: Beyond basic bootstrapping, there are corporate ventures, angel investors, crowdfunding platforms, accelerators, VCs, banks, public grants, co-investment funds, business plan competitions, technology transfer offices, family offices, private equity investors and stock exchanges. With the notable exception of angel investors, all these sources provide only money, nothing more.

    The only true sources of smart finance are angel investors, who are able to influence a country’s economic development by providing more than just money to entrepreneurs and SMEs. They contribute their own know-how, provide mentorship, and share their own networks in contributing to the businesses they invest in. They are thus the main drivers of innovation and the natural leaders of the world’s early-stage investment markets.

    The objective of the course is to introduce angel investment system to those considering investing in startups, SMEs and high-growth companies by using their own money and own know-how. The course aims to give the basic principles of angel investment and to-dos and not-to-dos while investing as a qualified angel investor.

    In 2015, more than 300,000 angel investors invested more than $25 billion in startups in the US, and more than 310,000 angel investors invested more than 6 billion Euro in Europe. The estimated total global market size of angel investment is over $50 billion every year. Angel investors support entrepreneurs in starting up, and they support SMEs as they scale up their businesses, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs worldwide every year.

    For anyone new to Angel Investing, this is an invaluable course covering the most important aspects to begin investing – avoiding many of the pitfalls new business angels often make.

    • The basics of Angel Investing – why the returns are attractive; the importance of portfolio theory; and understanding the financial life cycle of a start-up

    • Identifying suitable deal flow for you – how to source potential deals; investing in individuals rather than businesses; and ensure a deal fits your portfolio

    • Best practice for structuring, managing and exiting an investment – valuations and deal closing; establishing a win-win relationship with your entrepreneur; and making a return

    • Understanding your place in the world of angels – looking at other stakeholders in the start-up ecosystem; the value of Angel groups and syndication; fund structures and crowdfunding


    This course is for

    • professionals from listed companies who can invest minimum 5.000 EUR every year

    • CEOs of companies who can invest minimum 5.000 EUR every year

    • Anyone who has an entrepreneurial back ground and who can invest minimum 5.000 EUR every year

    • University students, startups, entrepneurs who want to learn what angel investors are looking for while they are investing in new businesses

    • Professionals are directors of business angel networks 

    • Professionals of the acceleration and incubation centers

    • Professionals of technoparks

    • Any one who wants to set up a Business angel network

    • Anyone who wants to create a Business angel investment group by using his/her own network

    • Anyone who wants become a Professional Business angel network manager / executive


    Part 1: An overview of Angel Investment

    • What is angel investing?

    • Who are angel investors?

    • Why is angel investing important?

    • What are the advantages of creating or joining an angel network


    Part 2: Basics of Angel Investing

    • The 25 percent annual return: Why everyone with six figures to invest should consider angel investing

    • The non-financial rewards of being an angel are really fun!

    • The portfolio ‘Theory of Angel Investing’: Why every angel needs to invest in at least 20 companies

    • The financial life of a start-up: Where angels fit in the big financing picture


    Part 3: Developing the Deal Flow

    • Develop your deal flow: Sourcing and identifying high-potential opportunities

    • Bet on the Jockey, Not the Horse: Evaluating the entrepreneur and picking the right one to back

    • Here comes the pitch: Listening to the story – Does it make sense for your portfolio?


    Part 4: Due Diligence Techniques

    • Look under the hood and move toward a deal

    • Coordinating due diligence and running the show


    Part 5: Company Valuations

    • Valuations and expectations: Discovering the secret economics of the angels

    • Investment rounds and their forms: Common stock, convertible notes or preferred stock

    • The art of the angel deal: Negotiating a win–win relationship with your entrepreneur


    Chapter 6: Term Sheets

    • Term sheets: Trust everyone, but cut the cards anyway

    • Closing deals


    Chapter 7: Exits

    • After the investment: Managing your portfolio and adding as an active angel

    • Exits and other unicorns: Getting your money out makes all things right


    Chapter 8 : The entrepreneurship financing ecosystem

    • Crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, grants, venture capital, accelerators, incubators, private equity funds and other players

    • Building your angelic reputation: Getting the best deals to come to you

    • Joining an angel group: Increasing your opportunities and reducing your risks

    • Impact investing: Doing well while doing good

    • Sit back and let someone else do the work: Investing in start-ups through seed funds and venture funds


    Part 9 : Final Exam for WBAF Accreditation as Qualified Angel Investor 

      0 - 70 points      : Certified as WBAF Silent Angel Investor 


    71 - 90 points      : Certified as WBAF Accredited Angel Investor 


    91 - 100 points    : Certified as WBAF Qualified Angel Investor


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    London Stock Exchange Group 10 Paternoster Square EC4M 7LS London United Kingdom
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