• LLGA | Cities Summit Overview

    LLGA | Cities Summit: 3 days of networking, debate and matchmaking activities in San Francisco

    The LLGA | Cities Summit is an exclusive event that brings together key city leaders, nominated solutions and experts from around the world in an intimate setting, fostering the right atmosphere to network, share knowledge and best practice.

    Summit Overview

    On day 1 of the Summit, the Cities Dialogue & Ceremony will take place, giving cities the opportunity to discuss their challenges and announce the LLGA2013 winners.

    On day 2, the Matchmaking Summit will take place. City representatives and nominees share a day of networking and matchmaking based around the challenges presented in LLGA2013.

    On day 3, there will be Study Tours and workshops to explore the solutions that turned San Francisco into one of the world’s most forward-thinking, interactive and sustainable cities.

    During these 3 days:

    • Cities will declare their challenges and intentions;
    • Companies will pitch their solutions;
    • Experts provide insights to trigger discussion;
    • Visioning Workshops will deliver future solutions.

    Thematical areas

    Four areas of services in cities will be prioritised at this Summit, allowing cities and companies to build partnerships, share experiences, build a common understanding of future trends and the growing demand for innovative business models.

    A. Civic Engagement, Community Development, Inclusion & Sharing

    B. Experience of the City

    C. Urban Management & Systems

    D. Enabling new Lifestyles

  • Overview day by day

    Day 1: Cities Dialogue & Ceremony

    During the Cities Dialogues & Award Ceremony, city representatives engage in a public dialogue, and announce the winning solutions. Leading journalists moderate these thematic exchanges, shedding light on the motives behind the challenges and reveal the winning solutions.

    The Cities Dialogues are carried forward in public at the Award Ceremony, which takes place in a festive setting bringing together city leaders, entrepreneurs, services providers and researchers.

    The Dialogues allow cities to discuss the background and relevance of the challenges presented to LLGA and share thoughts about the solution chosen to implement a pilot in their city. The aim is to deepen knowledge exchange among cities and explore the trends underlying the challenges and solutions presented.

    As part of the Dialogues, the city leaders announce the winners selected in the programme and hand over the LLGA Award to them. It is therefore an event to celebrate those organisations that have invented and invested in the solutions selected by the international jurors as the most promising to meet their different challenge.

    Day 2: Matchmaking Summit


    The Matchmaking Summit is an event organised to build new partnerships between companies, public leaders and experts to open the markets for innovative services in cities. It provides insights into new growth markets, investment opportunities and help to foment a community of trust and shared vision.During the Summit a number of matchmaking and networking activities will take place, from elevator pitches, to Parallel Panel Discussions and Visoning workshops (click here to see the detailed agenda).

    Day 3: Study Tours & Workshops

    Meeting points: 9:30am Southwest corner of Fell and Octavia
    Meeting points: 9:30am Southwest corner of Fell and Octavia
    Meeting points: 9:30am Southwest corner of Fell and Octavi

    See the solutions that turned San Francisco into one of the world’s most sustainable, interactive and attractive cities. 

    Study tours are live experiences of key projects, installations and services that have broken new ground in San Francisco in areas such as Renewable Energy, Innovation or Transport.

    Site visits will be starting between 9am and 9.30am and will last around 4 hours.

    Option 1 San Francisco’s unique approach to innovation workshop


    Meeting point: 9:30am in front of thee Chronicle Building  - 901 Mission Street


    Meet the creative leaders behind San Francisco's innovation ecosystem. Out tour will focus on Mid-Market, for 30-years a stagnant part of town that's rapidly becoming home to start-ups, incubators, arts organizations, and mixed use real estate developments serving these communities. We'll lean about the latest initiatives at the intersection of information technology and urban life. 

    9:30-9:40  Meet in front of the Chronicle Building  - 901 Mission Street. Introduction to the neighborhood and its central role role in tech, cultural and civic innovation. This building is home to the Hub Bay Area, Intersection for the Arts Square, the payment processing start-up Square and many others.

    9:40-10:30  Workshop at Intersection for the Arts.Hear from: principals of 5M Project, a massive  4-acre mixed used development at the leading edge of tech and culture;  Social innovation incubator  the HUB; and Josette Melchor, founder of  Gray Area, and arts organization that has led Urban Prototyping worldwide.

    10:35-11:10 Workshop at the historic Warfield theater.  We'll meet the leaders of  civic innovation incubator TUMML, and serial entrepreneur Barney Pell, founder of Powerset and Qikpay a fast-growing parking solutions company.

    11:15-11:45   Across the street we'll visit weworks, a national  co-working space for start-ups that recently opened in the renovated Golden Gate Theater building--- and practically sold out the next week.

    12:00-12:30 We'll wrap up at  Fab Lab TechShop  where we'll hear about the maker movement and economic growth, and also hear form Autodesk which serves the design/maker/manufacturing arena.

    Option 2 Renewable Energy Tour


    Meeting Point: 9am at  525 Golden Gate Avenue

    The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) owns and operates the Hetchy Hetchy Water & Power System, The Hetchy network supplies clean, renewable energy to all of San Francisco’s municipal facilities, services and customers. This system is the clean energy backbone for the City and County of San Francisco. We'll tour in-city, power facilities starting with the SFPUC's brand new, LEED Platinum headquarters where we will take a close look at the building’s integrated wind turbines. We’ll then travel to Twin Peaks, a potential wind power site with breathtaking, 360 degree views of San Francisco and the Pacific Ocean, before continuing to California’s largest, urban, municipal solar installation at the Sunset Reservoir. Along the tour, experts on renewable energy will lead detailed discussions of the cost/benefits of the various projects.

    People-centred Micro projects

    Meeting points: 9:30am Southwest corner of Fell and Octavia

    Whether pop-up restaurants, street-adjacent parklets, a flashmob of food trucks, or avant-garde public art, many beloved aspects of the San Francisco are the result of citizen-led projects on both public and vacant land. Many of these dynamic facets of the city are temporary, in some sense, though several have pushed through to establish some level of permanence amongst the urban fabric changing around them. Join two of the cities most renowned architects in this space, Douglas Burnham, principal of Envelope A+D, and John Bela, principal of Rebar, and noted San Francisco Chronicle urban design critic John King for a tour of some of San Francisco's key citizen-driven projects. 
    We'll start at Proxy, a temporary two-block project that seeks to mobilize a flexible environment of food, art, culture, and retail within shipping containers, and then walk to the adjacent Hayes Valley Farm, a city-funded and volunteer driven 2.2 acre urban farm built on private land that was, until twenty years ago, a freeway. We'll then travel to Jane Warner Plaza, a once temporary plaza at the busy corner of Market and Castro streets, that was made permanent by community request. We'll next experience San Francisco's parklets, the idea of replacing on-street parking spaces with uniquely designed park space, along Valencia Street, and then finish with lunch Off the Grid, a gathering of food trucks that pop up in a variety of locales around the city. (All speakers and locations subject to change.)


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