1 day training: Meeting Designer in a day

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Emotion Experience - Almogávares 132-136 Barcelona

Start: Monday, 16 Nov 2015 09:00

End: Monday, 16 Nov 2015 19:00

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    The best of meeting design in a day

    The world of meeting professionals is moving ahead rapidly. Staying up to speed is now crucial. Designing better meetings is more relevant than ever and growing in importance. And while technology advances are influencing many aspects of meeting planning, our knowledge and skills must also evolve to keep up with constantly changing needs.

    A new generation of participants, the demand for more interaction and the need for greater impact are just a few of the global drivers behind a drastically changing landscape. Meetings and events are becoming more interactive, and new methods and innovations are impacting in a range of ways that are totally changing the meeting planner's task.


    Last year the group had a good mix of corporate, association and agency planners.


    Meeting design is fundamental and all its components are crucial in moving forward. A Meeting Designer is a professional who masters all the tools that meeting owners need to enable them to create events with high impact. This one-day, fast-paced training course presents the latest in relevant tools, techniques and technology - it is a stepping stone towards great Meeting Architecture. It confronts participants with the latest information, powerful applications, cool tools and classic techniques that can easily be applied in the design of future meetings, conferences and events.


    The course includes presentations, demonstrations and exercises.


    The program


    This course is a condensed version of a 5-day Meeting Architecture training course and comes complete with short presentations, peer learning, experiences and tons of examples. The best illustrations, the latest tools and best techniques are activated to get the most out of one day. All the crucial areas of innovation and change are addressed including: 


    • Interaction from enhanced Q&A's to crowdsourcing technology
    • Meeting formats and techniques
    • Hybrid meetings or online participants, remote speakers, etc.
    • Content capturing from reports to recording and distribution
    • Presentation improvement and speaker support
    • Production and AV with new tools
    • Moderation and facilitation
    • etc.

    Participants are able to choose from a list of topics ensuring that the most urgent and relevant of these make it onto the program.

    Hands-on use of real tools means participants understand the possibilities for their own events.


    The format

    The day is a series of the most practical and applicable topics with a great mix of activities such as listening and discussing all the way through to using some of the tools that are changing the very fabric of meetings. The room will provide ample possibilities for varying layouts, moving chairs as well as participants, doing test set-ups and experiencing meeting formats. It is advised that you bring bring your laptop, tablet or, at least, a smartphone.



    The impact

    Every participant at the course will:

    • go home with a range of new and applicable tools and techniques
    • be aware of additional resources for ongoing updates
    • have met a group of international planners willing to change how meetings are done
    • have developed skills and language that will influence management or clients
    • have boosted energy and motivation for expanding the job, advancing a career and growing success

    Activities and engagement tools are experienced by the participants in this course.


    The results

    One day has never delivered such a concentrated bundle of practical innovations across such a broad spectrum of key elements in meetings design. For many meeting planners this is the perfect way of moving forward without becoming a specialist in one specific area. Participants get the right information to become the go-to person for designing meetings with impact.


    When & Where

    • "The best of Meeting Architecture" will take place the day before IBTM starts in Barcelona on Monday November 16 2015 
    • The program starts at 9:00 am with a round of introductions
    • Coffee and lunch are included
    • The day ends with a summary at 18:00 (6:00pm)





    The training is closely connected to the FRESH conference where the most amazing things in meeting design happen. The FRESH conference provides new insights, material and examples giving every training course a growing base of cases, illustrations, examples and more. www.TheFRESHconference.com


    or maybe you want to do the CMA summer-school instead?

    Check the 5-day training course: Certificate in Meeting Architecture. Summer 2015 in the Meeting Design School. https://www.amiando.com/CMA-5D.html

    info@meetingsupport.org or + 321 444 88 31


    About the trainer

    Maarten Vanneste has been active in the industry since 1982. His background is Meeting Design, Production, AV and Technology. As the author of ‘Meeting Architecture, a manifesto’ (2008) he was the founder of a movement developing education for the disciplines around meeting design. 

    A member of MPI since 1999, he was in chapter leadership for communication, education and chapter president. 


    On the international front, he served several MPI terms in membership, communication and other committees. In 2011, in Orlando, Florida, he was the recipient of the MPI Rise Award for Industry Leadership. He is a CMM and a CMA.

    As founding member of the Meeting Design Institute in 2006 he has always been on the frontline of innovation in Meeting Design.

    He still is active in the field as a meeting design consultant for large and small conferences and events where innovation and change have become decisive factors. He helps transitions from good to great and guides session chairs, speakers and participants in the transitions with approval rates of up to 98%.



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