Will You Join Deborah in Kuala Lumpur, January 9-11, 2015?

    Are You Ready to STOP Hiding How Powerful
    You Really Are, STOP Being The Best Kept Secret,
    and START Getting Your Message Heard -
    Even If You Are Introverted Or Scared To Death
    To Speak In Public?

    Imagine - In just a weekend you'll learn how to communicate your message
    you open your mouth to speak in front of ANYONE - potential clients,
    your boss, peers or a large audience.

    Tuesday, 4:55 PM, Singapore
    From the Desk of Deborah Torres Patel

    Dear Friend,

    Does this sound familiar?

    • Do you feel like YOUR MESSAGE IS BIG but you just don't know a way to articulate it in a way that leads and inspires people?
    • Do you think your work should speak for itself and get irritated when people with less ability than you get the job, client or recognition? Maybe you even get mad at yourself for being irritated. It's about the work, not the rewards, right? But... if you're not getting the opportunities, how can you serve?

    What happens when you DO get asked to share
    your gift with a group of people?

    If you're like many people, at first you're incredibly honored that you're being asked to present, but as the date grows closer, you're spending sleepless nights pacing and worrying, asking yourself what if's.

    What if your mind goes blank? What if they don't take you seriously? What if your voice sounds all shaky and nervous? What if you completely freeze and stand stunned in silence in front of lots of people?

    By the time the event comes, you're so exhausted from sleepless nights; all you care about is that the event is OVER.

    • Do you wish you could find a magic pill that could somehow make you as brilliant at speaking, as you are at doing what you do, in your own area of expertise?
    • Are you constantly judging your self or are you just plain embarrassed to speak up? For some people, it's having to present in a foreign language. Other people just don't like the sound of their voice.

      Many people don't like to speak just because they think everyone else looks and sounds better than they do - and it's NOT TRUE!

    I've got GREAT news for you -
    you are in EXACTLY the right place RIGHT NOW!

    I believe that everyone has something important to contribute to their families, their communities - and perhaps even the world at large.

    Learning effective communication skills is the #1
    life changes.

    TO LIVE A TRULY SUCCESSFUL life, one filled with meaning, purpose and happiness, you must be able motivate, lead and inspire people to action.

    Anything you want in life is possible once you learn the secrets to communication.

    You can have all of it! A successful career, a happy family and fulfilling relationship, love, business opportunities, fame, popularity, wealth, status - you name it - it is all within your reach IF you focus on communication.


    My name is Deborah Torres Patel and what I do is design and teach systems for leaders to find their voice and communicate with unshakeable confidence and master influential presentation and public speaking skills.

    You see, I've spent my entire life on a stage - sometimes with superstars like Sammy Davis Jr., Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, sometimes with personal development
    leaders like...

    Jack CanfieldT Harv Eker, and Tony Robbins, sometimes with rising small business owners and
    senior leaders of Fortune 100 companies, and sometimes with world leaders like Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

    Across the board, I have figured out WHAT WORKS and WHAT DOESN'T!

    The pictures you see here are of me backstage before performance with celebrities in Monte Carlo,
    the only woman featured speaker onstage in front of an audiences of thousands in Asia...

    with best-selling author Jack Canfield, and entrepreneur Heiko Gärtner in Mannheim Germany, who used to have a fear of public speaking before he got onstage with me.

    I've been fortunate to work in boardrooms and on stages of all sizes in 72 countries for decades.

    And I can tell you that the ability to present yourself and your ideas powerfully has never been more important than in today's dynamic information age.

    Speaking well can influence other's views, close large business 
    deals, motivate your team, and elevate your reputation.

    The one thing that you can do to make a huge leap forward in your career or business is to learn how to speak confidently and authentically in front of groups. (Of course, I'd love to teach you how to have a ton of fun doing it and get paid handsomely for it too!)

    When you learn from me, you get decades of real-world experience. I lay it all out for you in methodical systemic steps so that that you can easily duplicate my recipe for success and get stellar results ALL THE TIME. EVERY TIME. Over and over again.

    Communication is your #1 Skill.
    Why? Because getting anything you want in life requires it.

    How you get what you want is to help other people get what they want. Your success or failure is directly linked to your ability to communicate. If people don't hear you they will not buy from you, play with you, or partner with you.

    No matter what you want to achieve, you must convince people of your value. You do that by being heard. The advantage of a powerful voice and an authentic leadership presence is absolutely critical to success.

    The good news is being a great communicator is a learnable skill. It's not something most people are naturally born with.

    With the right teacher and the right systems it is totally possible to learn the secrets of being a SUPER STAR COMMUNICATOR - fast - much faster than you probably think.

    Communication is a system - it's not happenstance - it's easy to reproduce when you follow my recipe. I have systemized communication so that as long as you follow the straightforward steps, you will have rock solid confidence and present like a Super Star!

    • NAILING your presentations each and every time
    • Attracting PRAISE like "Wow, that was an AWESOME presentation, I really want to buy from you, work with you or be on your team!"
    • Knowing EXACTLY where you stand at the end of a meeting or presentation
    • ACCEPTING PRAISE in a way that you can actually CAPITALIZE ON IT!
    • Getting RECOGNITION (and the promotions, raises and wealth that can create) by having the confidence to speak up and share your ideas
    • Comfortably ASKING for what you want and KNOWING that you'll get it.

    If any of this rings true, I'd like to invite you to join me live for our 

    Find Your Million Dollar Voice LIVE Training

    Kuala Lumpur, January 9-11, 2015

    In the relaxed atmosphere of my training room, you will stand on stage and be trained according to my Million Dollar Voice method. You will learn step-by-step how to have BULLETPROOF CONFIDENCE - the kind of unshakable confidence that comes from being ready and being able to think, speak and react on your feet anywhere, anytime, in front of anyone - ALL THE TIME!


    You will be guided step by step to finding your own Million Dollar Voice.

    If you are like most people you probably spend a lot of your hard-earned money making sure you look good and feel good. BUT how do you sound?

    Do you know if the sound of your voice is standing in the way of your success?

    Most people don't think about their voice and are not aware of the fact that if you improve your voice, you could immediately increase your income and dramatically improve the quality of your life.

    Are you ready for the success you deserve? If so, get started now and catapult your confidence and your career to a whole new level!

    So what will we be covering in this Find Your Million Dollar Voice Program?

    In just a weekend, you'll learn:

    • How to bring both the message and YOU (the messenger) to life so you can communicate your ideas, your knowledge, and your own truth with confidence.
    • How to think on your feet, speak spontaneously with credibiilty and connection
    • 5 proven steps to Find Your Million Dollar Voice and deliver a Powerful Presentation that gets results

    Our clients tell us that they instantly walk away with:

    • Unshakeable confidence
    • A feeling of empowerment
    • Liberation from anxiety, nervousness and fear
    • Feeling Larger than Life and capable of accomplishing anything with deep inner power and the self confidence to go for everything you want.

    Are you one of those people who likes knowing all the details? We promise to leave a few surprises, but here are the 5 Main Modules we'll cover in the Find Your Million Dollar Voice Program.


    Module 1 : Bring Your Body to Life

    Your results get determined before you even open your mouth. People always perceive and judge you based on your appearance. Your body speaks before you do

    The way you carry yourself - The way you walk onto a platform, stand, how far your feet are a part from each other, the speed at which you walk, where you focus your eyes and attention before you open your mouth to say your first words all make a huge difference.

    In this module you'll learn:

    • How to develop a strong leadership presence to command more respect and make more money
    • How to feel comfortable in your own skin in front of any audience (or in front of anybody)
    • How to feel inspired and full of energy even before you step onto the stage
    • How to warm up your body quickly before a presentation so that you are relaxed, energized and in the right mindset to rock the room
    • How to release tension, pre-presentation physical symptoms,nervousness and stress in 30 seconds or less (this comes in handy before a date, too)
    "Made $237,000.00 - 10,000% return on training investment in only 2 weeks"

    Deborah coached me and gave me specific recommendations for several aspects of my sales presentation. After just a fortnight of working with her, I generated revenue of $237,000 in the span of one week from two 90-minute presentations. As a result, 2012 was my best financial year ever and I am confident the investment I made in training with Deborah will pay me back handsomely for the rest of my life! She helped me to make a Quantum Leap in my business and in getting my message across. I can't thank her enough.

    Nishant Kasibhatla, India
    CSP, Professional Speaker & Guinness Record Holder, RememberNishant.com


    "From painfully shy to powerful presenter"

    Before attending MDV program, I was so afraid of speaking up and letting people know what I want. I was trying to get a promotion for 2 years but got a promotion with a 7 % increase in annual income only 4 weeks after the training.

    The results were instant! 11 months after the program, I said YES to the opportunity to speak on stage in front of 900 people. Amazingly, I wasn't nervous at all - that is a miracle!

    Gan Chee Yong, Singapore
    Chemist & Volunteer Charity Fundraiser


    Module 2 : Bring Your Voice to Life

    On the phone, the sound of your voice and the way you communicate contributes 86-93% to people's impression of you. In person, the statistics are a bit lower. You may sound uninspired or nervous or unsure or whiny - AND NOT EVEN KNOW IT - because people rarely give feedback on your voice, only on your message.

    A study conducted by Duke University and published in Forbes Magazine in April 2013, revealed that the sound of your voice could literally be costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

    Far too often people just accept their voice as it is, and don't realize the power they have to change and control how they sound. Have you ever heard a beautiful voice of a broadcaster, announcer, or emcee and wish that YOU were born with a wonderful voice like that?

    The truth is you can train your voice to sound amazing with easy to follow vocal techniques. Only top Hollywood stars know these secrets but now you can have them too!

    In this module you'll learn:

    • How to sound confident, credible and natural - even if you're reading a script, feeling nervous, or can't see who you're talking to (like on a conference call or teleseminar).
    • Which 4 fundamental techniques you must MASTER to have a powerful, open, engaging voice that commands the room. We'll show you ways to fix your speaking problems within seconds!
    • Exactly how to take care of your voice leading up to an important presentation so that you guarantee your voice is in tip-top shape. Without this knowledge, you can unknowingly sabotage your performance before speaking. If you've lost your voice already, we'll teach you the pro tricks to get back on track faster than you can imagine!
    • How to use different kinds of microphones to help you sound a lot better
    • Ways to extend your vocal range so you never sound boring or monotonous again. Plus by the end of this program you'll be able to instantly diagnose vocal weaknesses, cure pitchy-ness, control your breathing, eliminate strain, and know how to correct your mistakes in 10 seconds or less, allowing you to sound natural and confident in all situations.

    Would you like to lend your voice to help people less fortunate
    than you are, raise money for charity, or simply make the world
    around you a better place?

    "Raised $63,000 in one night to build a school in Cambodia for my favorite charity"

    Before Million Dollar Voice, I was self-conscious onstage, disliked my voice and thought I sounded boring and lifeless when I spoke. Just one month after completing the training, my team of volunteers and I, raised enough money to build a school for hundreds of Cambodian Children at our lively charity event. I was comfortable and confident onstage for the first time in my life.

    Angela Comer, Ireland
    Mother & Volunteer Charity Fundraiser

    "65.5% sales conversion - first time out!"

    After Million Dollar Voice, I feel so much more confident and comfortable speaking in public. I can also immediately apply much of what I learned when I speak with my children.

    The first time I applied what I learned to sales recruitment, we had 40 guests at a live event at our office. When I invited the 40 guests to join us and take the next step, 25 out of the 40 people signed-up!

    Yohanes Hendra, Indonesia
    Financial Educator - Wealth Directions Asia

    Module 3 : Bring Your Words to Life

    When you are 100% completely connected to your message and follow my simple yet somewhat mind- blowing techniques to bring your words to life, you will experience a profound shift when speaking - feeling fully present and alive with possibility. With one simple, time-tested technique, you'll leave your nervousness behind and project your message with confidence and clarity!

    Words have POWER. The words you say shape who you are and the results you achieve. How many times have you heard someone complain, "My boss/kid/spouse/team member NEVER listens to me!" How often do YOU say that?

    Powerful communicators learn how to craft stories and messages to energize and motivate the people around them. Powerful orators and singers can so completely CAPTIVATE an audience's emotions that they can bring an entire audience to tears... and back to laughter minutes later.

    Having the right words gives you an edge over your competition - it separates the amateurs from the professionals. Right away in people's minds it makes you the clear, #1 choice.

    In this module you'll learn:

    • How to make your words come to life so you have UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE and are completely comfortable speaking or singing in public - even when you're put on the spot without warning!
    • How to say what you mean and mean what you say. Finally your message will be received in the way you intended, reducing frustration and confusion. (This works great with spouses and children too!)
    • Our Superstar Communication System that covers the 7 things you must be crystal clear about before telling a story or singing a song. Our techniques will make your story come alive. We share secrets that even many professional (even famous) singers and actors don't know.
    • How to get your audience to hang on your every word, so completely connected to your message so deeply that they're inspired to take action. (Never again will you fear your audience is "bored" - no matter what your topic is!)
    • We'll even teach you a simple singing technique that will radically improve your ability to sell!

    "Doubled my income only 2 weeks after the program and tripled my income within 10 months"

    Doing Million Dollar Voice is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I'm no longer embarrassed about being who I am. After the training, I became more likable and can sell much more now. I had tremendous breakthroughs in my social and financial life and got lots of fabulous resources and opportunities from Deborah's quality network. I doubled my income only 2 weeks after the program! And tripled my income within 10 months. That's amazing!

    Kevin Khoo, Singapore
    Network Marketer

    Would you like to have people BEGGING to do business with YOU
    and CLAMORING to invest in YOUR ideas?

    "Phenomenal Effects ....in my personal and professional life!"

    Finding my Million Dollar Voice began a brand new era in my personal and professional life. I had BIG breakthroughs! Thank you Deborah. You have taught me, and all the others, how to achieve a unity of mind, vision, body and voice. The effects of this are phenomenal! I experienced being able to move everyone to tears as a result of my authenticity and connection with others. I learned how to create influence with verbal and non-verbal communication and have achieved great successes.

    Only one week after I completed the program, I spoke spontaneously from my heart, with no advance preparation, in front of 800 people!

    Dr. Bruno Winter, Germany
    President Biotech-Consultancy

    Module 4 : Bring Your Presentation to Life

    You KNOW your message is powerful. When you bring your body, your voice and your words all together POWERFULLY - you will have "The IT Factor." You will be able to command the room with IMPACT! There are lots of little details that add up to making a big difference in how you're perceived.

    In this module you'll learn:

    • The number one thing you must include that is really the glue to have people to get buy in and motivate your audience to action.
    • Secret strategies to look and sound great, stand out and be heard in groups, and come through authentically in any presentation medium (this works on YouTube, video, TV, Film, webinars, teleseminars, meetings and conference calls too)
    • Charisma - What creates that intangible star quality and how you can have it
    • BE Memorable - learn the secrets to making positive last impression. How to build a reputation that aligns with everything about you. First impressions are great but let's not forget about the last impression - the one that stays with people.
    • How to brag without bragging - Wouldn't it be great to be able to toot your own horn and gain credibility but still come across as humble and natural? We'll show you how.
    "Powerful and Liberating - Every speech is just a breeze. I totally have fun, and feel relaxed, heart-centered, and so playful!"

    I learned to be more confident in my own voice and my message and come from a place of service rather than the need to perform, impress or look good. Before Million Dollar Voice, I was seeking the next level of success in my business. I was confident speaking to audiences but I felt I was ready to be bigger and really needed to work on my voice. Now every speech is just a breeze. I totally have fun, and feel relaxed, heart-centered, and so playful! Thanks so much Deborah for helping to bring both me, and my message to                                     life!

    Coen Tan, Singapore

    "Accelerated implementation and results to attract ideal clients to you"

    I did the Million Dollar Voice training to get accelerated implementation and results for my voice, my presence, and my message. I knew that was the next level for me. I got all of that and absolutely a thousand fold more beyond what I ever expected.

    If you're going to speak one-on-one, one to many, over the phone, on a big stage, or on a small stage, wherever you want to have your message and your communication land to attract the ideal people to you, to get that perfect message to market, then there is no question that Deborah is THE mentor to help you get your presence, energy and message completely aligned so that it's an authentic expression of you.

    Nikkea B. Devida, USA

    Would you like to know exactly how to attract, engage and excite an
    audience of any size, in any country, and in any industry?

    Module 5 : Bring Your Audience to Life

    A powerful connection to your audience will get them on their feet - laughing, crying singing, talking, sharing - following your lead. When you truly engage your audience, you've done more than deliver a successful presentation, you've created an experience, maybe even changed a life.

    The good news is anyone can do what I do. Even if you are an introvert, you can be an AMAZING speaker, presenter or singer. Fact is, if you have tension, fear, or anxiety about speaking in front of groups; you have great potential to be an extraordinary speaker.

    All you need to do is to learn how to transform those deep feelings and physical sensations in your body into energy and excitement. Following the simple system you learn in this module, you will feel powerful, calm and confident in front of any size audience.

    This section of the course if often the most powerful part of the course - for introverts and extraverts alike. We teach you to bring YOU to life - how to tap into your passion in a way that makes you feel alive and energetic.

    In this module you'll will learn:

    • How to connect deeply with individuals and audiences so you can attract exactly the right people to you and inspire everyone around you.
    • Ways to instantly access courage and strength to speak from the place of truth while connecting with others... especially when you have to deliver bad news or ask for something that typically would make you feel nervous and uncomfortable
    • To express yourself in such a meaningful way that you move people
    • To shatter the limiting beliefs that have kept you from the spotlight. These beliefs are often "hidden in plain site." Once you learn to recognize these sneaky spotlight-sucking beliefs, you can get out of your own way!
    • Learn techniques on how to ground yourself in unpleasant, uncomfortable or unplanned moments so you can feel calm and in control
    • Finally step into your power and truly own your Greatness!

    "Powerful information and powerful systems to play a much bigger game"

    Million Dollar Voice is an incredible training with powerful information and powerful systems. Deborah's skill clearly shines through with absolutely world-class voice and facilitation skills. I feel I can play a much bigger game now and my passion and spirit are opened up wide. I would recommend the training to anyone. It's terrific!

    Karen Mileski, USA
    Marketing & Sales Consultant

    "Finally I can say what I mean and mean what I say. It feels so good to have my communication getting across."

    I learnt great techniques and how to connect myself so that I mean what I say and say what I mean. My realization is that greatness lies in me every moment. I can be a great communicator and it's possible.

    Gan Hock Chye, Singapore

    This class is for anyone who wants to be able to communicate with credibility, charisma and confidence! Business owners, corporate executives, new managers, singers, speakers, authors, coaches, scientists - anyone who wants or needs to get their message heard!

    In just a few short weeks you will have:

    • Bulletproof confidence
    • Calm nerves before performance, presentations and public speaking
    • The ability to stand up, stand out and fully express yourself
    • The impact of being of greater service to more people
    • A bigger life, playing a bigger game!

    If you are open to it, this step-by-step program will change your life so that you will never be the same.

    You will expand your boundaries of yourself and be more comfortable living a life that you love. You will find it easier to express your love for others and be more comfortable being receptive to more love in your life.

    The Find Your Million Dollar Voice program will
    TRANSFORM the way you communicate for life!

    Isn't it time for YOU to Step onto the Stage and into the Spotlight?
    This is your first step...

    So there they are, the 5 modules and steps to Finding YOUR Million Dollar Voice. And don't forget, you are not alone. During the live training you will be guided through each step.

    And although I'm not a big fan of tacking on tons of bonuses, I have so much more I want to give you so I'm just not going to hold back. So... That's not all. You're also going to get these great bonuses.

    Bonus #1 - Spontaneous Speaking Solution



    With the Spontaneous Speaking Solution you get street-smart, strategies to speak off the cuff and find the right words to say when you put on the spot or are caught off guard. You'll learn exactly how to structure your thoughts and articulate your ideas quickly and easily and will never be boring, tongue-tied, have your mind go blank, or be at a loss for words again! (You will receive this resource at the live training on a thumb drive.)


    Bonus #2 - Fearless in Five Training: Insider secrets for how to calm your nerves in five minutes or less before performance

    Exclusive Fearless in Five Training where I will teach you exactly the steps I go through to prepare to speak or sing in front of to audiences of thousands. (You will receive this resource at the live training on a thumb drive.)

    You will learn my insider secrets for how to calm your nerves (in five minutes or less) before performance, presentation and public speaking. I will share with you the exact process I have used to prepare for peak performance since 1985.

    It works ALL THE TIME!

    Bonus #3 - Lifetime Membership to Global Million Dollar Voice Graduate Networking Group (Priceless!)

    From the moment you complete the Million Dollar Voice program, you officially belong to our exclusive graduate family. It is a safe and supportive community where you can share openly with each other (on and offline) step by step.

    We pick you up when you fall, celebrate your success stories along with you, help you to compliment and not compete in the marketplace, and empower you to continue to reach your goals so that you can be the best that you can be.

    Plus, you'll have the opportunity to network with other like-minded leaders, experts and entrepreneurs. Our Success Circle family is a nurturing network of extraordinary people from all over the world that encourage each other to play a much bigger game! (Your next client or BIG GLOBAL joint venture opportunity could be waiting for you in one of the 72 countries I have already worked in.)

    Graduates from ALL my programs simply LOVE the networking. I attract a really powerful and amazing group of heart-centered leaders and I am thrilled at how quickly we are able to connect and help with each other.

    So to recap, here's what you're going to get:

    3-Day Find Your Million Dollar Voice LIVE Training 

    Bonus #1 Spontaneous Speaking Solution - Super smart strategies for speaking on the spot so that I am never at a loss for words.
    Bonus #2 Fearless in Five Training - Insider secrets for how to calm your nerves (in five minutes or less) before performance, presentation and public speaking.
    Bonus #3 Lifetime Membership to Global Million Dollar Voice Graduate Networking Group (Priceless)


    So by now you're probably wondering, "What's this going to cost me?" Here it is plain and simple. I'm both practical and conservative. I don't think I have to tell you that the online training alone is easily worth the investment.

    Instead I'll ask you how much you think it would be worth to completely transform the way you communicate in both your personal and professional life and have thousands of people every year clamoring to do business with you? Or shall I ask you how much you think it could cost you in lost revenue or in lost opportunities by not doing this training?

    If you are like most of our graduates,
    after the program you will have the
    ability to make a lot more money.

    It would be senseless for me to go on about the value of what you have access to with the Million Dollar Voice training. Simply having access to my network (and me personally) is worth at least 100 times the investment for this program.

    But just in case you happen to be a person who considers the worst-case scenario from time to time, EVEN if you don't make a lot more money. EVEN if you only make an additional $10,000 with what you learn in this program you'd STILL make more than 400 percent return on your investment back and you'd STILL know how to look and sound like a SUPERSTAR communicator - All the Time!

    So how can you lose? (Unless you DON'T sign up and continue to struggle to be get your message heard and convince people of your value.)

    Plus if you email us to register, we'll even give you an easy installment plan (since I know cash flow is important for many people, especially now). Are you ready to FINALLY step onto the stage and into the spotlight?

    Click here to reserve your space.

    Yes Deborah! 

    I'm Ready to Find My Million Dollar Voice!

    For just RM3998 I understand I'm getting:

    •  A fabulous, intensive 3 Day Weekend of LIVE training in Kuala Lumpur January 9-11, 2015 (RM12978 value by itself!)
    • Invitation to an exclusive online forum 
    • Spontaneous Speaking Solution
    • Fearless in Five Training
    • A lifetime membership to the Global Million Dollar Voice Graduate Networking Group (Absolutely Priceless!)

    Rest easy your order will be processed on secure servers.


    So are you ready to get started? Reserve your space TODAY because due to our venue, training spots are limited and on a first come, first served basis.

    To your success,

    P.S. Allow me to be frank. It doesn't matter to me if you invest in yourself or not. However, it DOES matter to me that you MAKE A DECISION about this program before you get off this page. Please don't let this program be one more thing for you to "think about." Delaying decisions is a huge dampener of dreams. So just say YES or NO, trust your decision and move powerfully forward. If YES, Reserve your spot and learn my system for finding your own Million Dollar Voice.

    P.P.S. Please note that you only have a limited time to invest in my easy payment plans. If you're ready to move forward in your business, and you want an easy payment plan, then reserve your space while you can!


    "A powerful journey towards self-expression and a happier you!" 

    "Deborah is a master - coach, teacher, guide, and friend all rolled into one. She has an extraordinary gift of meeting you exactly where you are - body, heart, and soul and guiding you with wisdom, humor and grace, to exactly where you want to be. Working with Deborah is a powerful journey towards fuller self-expression and a happier you - a joyous process of finding your voice, and feeding your soul! The results she produced to me were truly liberating - physically, mentally and emotionally."

    Dr Lynelle Kerr, Australia



    Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.


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    Bonus #2 - Finding Your Million Dollar Voice DVD

    Upon registering, you will be able to immediately dive in and start working on 

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