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    “This is awesome and I will definitely attend the next workshop”
    Dear Mr T. Harv Eker, I came across a video about you in youtube, I downloaded it and watched it over and over again. Then I looked for your book and found it at a bookstore, all this happened some time on early 2009. Now, by Feb 2011, I managed to solve my credit card problem and other debt. Before this, my debt was like a never ending story. Starting this year I also able to save 50% of my active income into my saving account. Also my other investment, starting to grow. I not a millionaire yet, but I know I will be by 2016.  

    Thank you again. All this happen to me just by reading your book. As you said in your book, read it as if you financially life depends on it, well for me it really do. I still read your book "Secrets of the Millionaire Minds" until this day.Thanks again.

    Sarawak, Malaysia
    "Millionaire Mind Intensive has definitely taught me a way to manage my money well. It is perfect timing for me to learn about money management as I have just started to enter the working world. With better money management, I know that I would never be in a financial difficulty. Other then the program teaching me about money management, it also taught me about other aspects of life like relationship, happiness and T Harv has shown me what it is to give."

    Nurashikin Ismail Alkhatib
    Office Manager - Malaysia


    "Having done a great number of seminars and achieving great success financially and position in society, I am glad that I have attended Millionaire Mind Intensive, where I further learn a great deal. It is strongly recommended for anyone who wish to further create abundance in life"

    Bellum Tan

    CEO, Singapore
    Millionaire Mind Intensive, 07 - 09 May 2010, London, United Kingdom

    Millionaire Mind Intensive, 07 - 09 May 2010, London, United Kingdom

    "18 months ago, my wife and I were a week away from divorcing. We were over $150,000 in debt and we always fought about money. Your program changed all that and today we are happily married. We are now debt free and we own 2 companies worth over a 1/4 million dollars."

    Daniel Donaghy


    “Our income tripled…and my DREAM car became a reality in less than 2 months!!!!!”

    Dear Mr. Harv, I want to thank you for your awesome teachings! Many lives have been transformed and I'd like to share my success story! Me and my wife attended your MMI seminar in Malaysia at the Mines Convention Centre on 23rd to 25th May 2008. We enjoyed and learnt so much that I have 1 thing to say - You are Really, Really, Really AWESOME and all your teachings are amazing! We also bought your book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and you have made it so simple for me to understand and apply your “Wealth Files”. Therefore, without delay, we put into practice what we learnt from you - every day! And guess what? We managed to achieve financial success in less than 2 months. Our income tripled from what we use to earn and we have even been offered good business opportunities! On top of that, I have been dreaming and wanting to own my dream car but it was just a dream. I applied many techniques and teachings from many gurus but my dream never happened and I have been living with an impossible dream for last 6 years.... BUT when I applied your teaching (Wealth File #6) my DREAM car became a reality in less than 2 months!!!!! I bought myself a brand new BMW 525i! Thank you so much Mr. Harv! Recently, my wife attended your GBI on 24th June 08 in Singapore and the minute she came back to Malaysia, she was so EXCITED and started to apply what you taught. As a result, her business grew tremendously and her profits shot up by more than 300%... we really don't know what to say...but to say THANK YOU!

    Nicolas Tan



    “This is the most powerful, persuasive and practical seminar on becoming wealthy you will ever attend. It is loaded with ideas, insights and strategies that will change your thinking and your results forever.”

    Brian Tracy

    America’s Leading Authority on Business
    Author of Getting Rich Your Own Way
    "Harv Eker is one of the most extraordinary speakers and trainers in the world today! Harv's experiential techniques are transformational and he creates amazing results every time he speaks!"

    Mark Victor Hansen

    Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul®, Co-author, The One Minute Millionaire


    "T. Harv Eker is an electrifying speaker! He has the ability to transfix an audience, motivate and enlighten them, and give them information in a way that they absorb it fully. I've seen and heard a lot of speakers, none are as dynamic as T. Harv Eker!"

    Jay Conrad Levinson

    Author, Guerrilla Marketing book series, over 14 million sold



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