• Our Atlantic Ocean for Growth and Well-Being Launching the European Commission – Cabo Verde Marine Research and Innovation Cooperation Arrangement

    On 21-22 November 2018, the European Commission in partnership with GEOMAR (Germany) and the National Institute for Fisheries Development (Cabo Verde) organised a high-level event "Our Atlantic Ocean for Growth and Well-Being" at the Ocean Science Centre Mindelo, Cabo Verde.


    The highlight of the event saw the signing of the Cooperation Arrangement between the European Commission and The Government of the Republic of Cabo Verde on Marine Research and Innovation Cooperation, on the 22 November 2018.

    This newly signed Arrangement will constitute a new framework for cooperation and an important step for involving Cabo Verde in the ongoing work related to creating opportunities for an All Atlantic Ocean Community, as part of the implementation work of the Belém Statement.

    The event also included a Round Table Discussion on Innovation in the Blue Economy and the Prime Minister´s Speakers Series, where Commissioner Moedas, together with Cabo Verde Prime Minister Ulisses, spoke to the audience about entrepreneurship, innovation and the challenges of technology in modern days, prompting a great interest for further interaction with European Startup and incubators initiatives.

    21 November was dedicated to Marine Science meets Policy: Projects, Initiatives and Ideas Meeting Place, which brought together stakeholders from Cabo Verde, Europe, and West Africa. Over 30 experts shared their insights in seven thematic sessions, which reflected well the key cooperation areas identified by Cabo Verde and the European Commission. [see the presentations]


    This event was organised in conjunction with the Cabo Verde Ocean Week.


    European Union-Cabo Verde Cooperation

    Marine cooperation with Cabo Verde does not start from scratch. There is already a history of ongoing research projects between the regions and driven by research teams particularly from Portugal, Spain and Germany. There are number of projects with partners from Cabo Verde which were funded by the current and previous EU Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation: nine ongoing projects (eight of which are related to marine) under the Horizon 2020; six projects under FP7 and one project under FP6. The latter, TENATSO (Tropical Eastern North Atlantic Time Series Observatory) inspired the creation of the setting up of the OSCM, where the event took place.

    Click here to see our brochure on projects with Cabo Verde partners

    What’s next?

    The All Atlantic Ocean Research Forum, planned for July 2019 in Brussels will be a perfect springboard for consolidating our joint Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation partnership. This event will bring together our different ongoing projects from the Arctic to Antarctica and be complemented by Member States and other Atlantic Ocean partner nations’ initiatives (from South Africa, Argentina, and Brazil, the United States, Canada and many more countries). It will be the occasion for research teams to illustrate what they have discovered and achieved, since the launch of this Atlantic Journey in 2013 with the signing of the Galway Statement, and the Belém Statement in July 2017.


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  • Carlos Moedas, Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation on behalf of the European Commission and Olavo Correia, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Cabo Verde

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