Experience a full cycle of innovation in healthcare. BCN Design Week 2019

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Barcelona Tech City - Payment Innovation Hub

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    Experience a full cycle of innovation in Healthcare

    The workshop is a short version of what you will experience if you enroll in Design Health Barcelona (d·HEALTH Barcelona), a postgraduate program to develop entrepreneurs and future leaders in healthcare innovation.

    Participants will experience the funniest workshop about innovation in healthcare, going through the Biodesign methodology - inspired by the prestigious Biodesign Fellowship of Standford University.


    Where: Barcelona Tech City - Payment Innovation Hub (Plaça Pau Vila, 1)

    When: June 13, 2019, from 3 pm to 7 pm.

    How it will work:

    -  Teams of 3-6 people will be set up.

    -  The first step is identifying an unmet clinical need.

    -  Secondly, each team will create a tangible solution, going from its conceptualization to the prototyping.

    -  Developing the business model to bring the product to market is the third part of the methodology.

    -  Finally, they will do an elevator pitch.

    Some refreshment and snacks will be offered.


    For more details, please send an email to Àuria Albacete (aalbacete@biocat.cat).


    Willing to be a healthcare innovator?

    Biocat has open the selection for students of its upcoming Design Health Barcelona (d·HEALTH Barcelona) edition, a postgraduate program to develop innovators and entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector, 90% of the participants of the previous editions have found a job in the healthcare sector and 48% of them started their own business project.

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