29th Annual Southern Nevada Mineral Education Workshop

hosted by Nevada Mining Association & Nevada Division of Minerals

Faith Lutheran High School

Start: Tuesday, 27 Mar 2018 07:00

End: Wednesday, 28 Mar 2018 05:30

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    Tuesday, March 27, 2018 - Faith Lutheran High School
    7:00 7:45   Check-in, Credit Registration & Continental Breakfast
    7:45 7:55 Welcome, Introductions and Opening Remarks
    7:55 8:25 Introductions and Opening Remarks - Tim Dyhr, Nevada Copper
    8:05 8:25

    In the bag - We will go over what you received in teacher bags and what you will need to take to class with you

    Mine Safety Orientation

    8:25 10:10 Breakout Session 1
    Minerals with Terry/Rob
    Minerals with DD
    Minerals with Rachel
    Minerals with Jon
    Advanced Minerals with Lucia & Courtney
    10:10 10:20 Break
    10:20 12:05 Breakout Session 2
    Rocks and Geology with Terry/Rob
    Rocks and Geology with DD
    Rocks and Geology with Rachel
    Rocks and Geology with Jon
    Advanced Rocks and Geology with Lucia & Courtney
    12:15 12:45 Lunch
    12:15 5:00 Mine Tours
    Wednesday, March 28, 2018 - Faith Lutheran High School
    7:00 7:45   Continental Breakfast, Credit Check-in
    7:45 7:55 Welcome back and Information Updates
    8:10 9:40 Breakout Session 3
    Nevada's Natural Resources
    Geologic Time and Fossils
    Natural Disasters
    History of Mining
    Under the Earth
    Critical Elements of Energy
    9:40 9:50 Break
    9:50 11:20 Breakout Session 4
    Cupcake Core Drilling
    Economics of Mining
    When Rocks Sing- Petroglyphs
    Edible Geology
    Extraction: Where do Au, Ag, and Cu come from?
    Geothermal Energy

    The Rock Cycle and Mineral Deposits: Come along for the ride!

    11:30 12:00 Grade Level Break Out Sessions
    12:00 12:15

    Guest Speaker: Dana Bennett, Nevada Mining Association
    "Nevada Mining Summary"

    12:15 12:30

    Guest Speaker: Rob Ghiglieri, Nevada Division of Minerals
    "Stay Out and Stay Alive"

    12:30 12:45
    12:45 1:15
    Lunch on Bus
    1:15 5:10
    Mine Tours


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