TEDxRuhrUniversityBochum #changingperspectives

hosted by TEDx Club RuhrUniversity e.V.

UFO - Ruhr Universität Bochum

Start: 19 May 2018

End: 19 May 2018

  • Teilnehmerliste

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    • Yasmin Abu Trabi


    • Migena Alija


    • Narmin Alizada


    • Esther Anchenmick Ndobegang


    • Hendrik Antoni


    • Safia Arsalai


    • Serap Arslan


    • Kim Auth


    • Yasemin Avci


    • Pauline Axhausen


    • Jan Bast


    • Tanja Bauer


    • Caroline Becker


    • Eric Becker


    • Johanna Bennemann


    • Tobias Böhmer


    • Simon Bohnen


    • Jonah Book


    • Gabriel Brandenberg


    • Moritz Brinkforth


Short event description

We are excited to host our second TEDx event: “Changing Perspectives” – a topic important to all of us. Sometimes, the only thing you have control of is your perspective.


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