Meet Harvard Women

hosted by Harvard Women France


Start: 21 May 2019

End: 21 May 2019

  • Meet Harvard Women 2019

    Meet Harvard Women 2019

    Harvard Women France signature event to promote connections between all Harvard alumnae in France.


    In this third session:


    DISCOVER the new Harvard Women France organization - a joint chapter of HCF and HBSCF.


    JOIN our networking evening with inspiring stories by graduates from different horizons :

    • Social Business and Entrepreneurship
    • Politics and Non-Profit
    • Science and Medical
    • Business and Law
    • Education and Technology 

    Our confirmed speakers are: 

    Caroline Evans de Gantes (HBS), Elsa Savorey (HLS ), 

    Erin Renner Cordell (GSE) , Eva Taub (HBS ), 

    Ioanna Thoma (HLS) , Jean Guo (HKS/HBS), 

    Lauren Matherme (HLS), Sarah Gogel (Harvard College), Shirley Liu (HBS), Tiia Pari (HBS), 

    Yasmine Abdel Karim (HKS)



    A UNIQUE opportunity for all Harvard alumnae in France to meet and share experiences, around a cocktail with champagne.


    Stéphanie Mareva Failloux  -  - tel: +33 6 10 37 24 19

    Isabelle Roux-Buisson - - tel: +33 6 03 38 05 50

    Fabienne Herlaut  - - tel: +33 6 76 96 31 96

    Shirley Liu - - tel:  + 33  6 23 76 20 44

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