Sustainability in the Cashmere Sector Conference SFA 2019

hosted by SFA

Blue Sky Hotel, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Start: 22 May 2019

End: 26 May 2019

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    Pathways to Sustainability 2030

    22-26 May 2019

    Ulaanbaatar • Mongolia

    The Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA) is a nonprofit international organization working with the extended cashmere supply chain, from herders to retailers to promote a global sustainability standard for cashmere production in order to preserve and restore grasslands, ensure animal welfare and secure livelihoods.

    The SFA 2019 Conference will bring together end-to-end cashmere supply chain representatives to discuss development on cashmere sector sustainability – Environmental, Social and Economic challenges and promoting long-term sustainable development and innovative cooperation.

    Discussion Topics:

    • A changing cashmere industry - Explore the issues facing cashmere production including the environmental, social and economic pressures affecting the cashmere supply chain.
    • Land management and biodiversity issues and Animal welfare– Explore the major risks and challenges for herders in addressing animal health welfare, land management, land tenue, land rights, reducing environmental impacts and building capacity for herder resilience with SFA Code of Practices.
    • Quality Improvement - Breeding- 
    • Collaboration, certification and traceability – Addressing the business role, how business can create scalable solutions to tackle future supply chain vulnerabilities, the process of embedding sustainability into cashmere value chain, the role and scope of standards and certification, and incentivising supply chain actors. Economic viability of herding/farming: progressive solutions to securing future supply chains.
    • The SFA Cashmere Standard System and collaborative approaches to drive transparency and traceability in the cashmere supply chain.

    The side events on sustainable cashmere industry provides an opportunity to understand challenges and opportunities supply chain face - herding people, downstream cashmere in scouring dehairing and manufacturing. The event also provides an opportunity to share information on important initiatives.

    Organising Partners:

    This conference is organised by Sustainable Fiber Alliance (SFA) in collaboration with Mongolian Ministry of Food Agriculture and Light Industry, Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Mongolia and other partners.

    The 2017 Conference- SFA is grateful for the enthusiastic participation and support of all attendees, speakers, panelists, leaders of breakout sessions, exhibitors and sponsors. 

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