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    New Architecture – Enabling Performance at the Core

    Big data, cloud, business analytics and security are the predominant topics on this year’s agenda for many IT executives. Despite their differences, all of these themes have one thing in common: significant alteration and expansion of existing IT infrastructure.

    Together with well-known clients and first-rate partners in the industry, Samsung shows new ways to massively increase server performance in the context of regular hardware investments without incurring additional expenses, while simultaneously reducing operating costs by circa 20%.

  • Secure Cloud: Big Business for many?

    The question is: could this formula work out?


    Today’s IT is facing challenges that are way beyond normal requirements. Efficient analysis of Big Data gains unprecedented significance when it’s considered in interplay with the latest espionage affairs. In this context well-known yet still problematic questions surface again with a new degree of urgency:

    • How well-protected are our data from the inquisitiveness of international intelligence agencies?
    • How can system-relevant businesses such as banks or utilities like power and communication networks protect themselves against uninvited intrusions?

    Due to a surge in the need for security, a new market for cloud solutions is about to shape itself. This market will deliberately be locally oriented, and it will openly agree to comply with national legislation.

    • The market for local cloud services acquires tremendous potential when viewed against this background.
    • New trading platforms like Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange will offer new ways to link supply and demand

    At the same time the increasingly fierce competition in this segment will show that only those providers with latest generation servers offering top performance, stability and energy efficiency will be able to prevail and to lead in their segment. Low energy, high performance memory like DRAM, SSD in combination with innovative server architectures will provide the indispensible backbone for competitiveness.

    Enjoy a day packed with gripping discussions and thought-provoking presentations from experts and bespoke personalities like

    • the former German Environmental Minister and Executive Director of the IASS, Professor Dr. Klaus Töpfer
    • the former head of Cosworth’s Formula 1 team, Mark Gallagher
    • the President of Information Services & Supply Chain Operations of BASF, Dr. Robert Blackburn

    and many others in the exquisite surroundings of the Palais Frankfurt. An exclusive networking gala dinner will complete the event and offer ample opportunity to discuss your impressions with your industry peers in a relaxed setting.

    Due to high demand and a limited availability of set we recommend that you register today.

    We would be delighted to welcome you on October 16 at the Palais Frankfurt!

    Best regards,

    YS Kim
    Samsung Semiconductor Europe

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