• VIP Event 2019

    The VIP Event is an educational event organized by axaio software, callas software and Four Pees. It’s a great opportunity for anyone who wants to acquire in-depth knowledge of and hands-on experience in callas pdfToolbox, pdfaPilot or pdfChip, axaio MadeToPrint or MadeToTag or any of the other solutions distributed by Four Pees.

    The event will take place from October 21-23 in Riga, Latvia. During the first two days, there are parallel tracks with technical presentations concerning print, publishing and packaging. The third day is a tailor-made training day. You will have the unique chance to get hands-on training on any of our products. Simply let us know what you would like to get training on and we will make sure it will be on the agenda!

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    Monday, October 21
    Time Hall Paris II Hall Riga
    08:30 AM Welcome coffee
    09:00 AM

    Welcome to the VIP Event

    Get practical information about the event, get to know the organizers, learn what's new in our industry and what you might expect during the event.

    (Presenters: Dietrich von Seggern, Karina Zander & David van Driessche)

    09:45 AM Break
    10:00 AM

    A first view of pdfToolbox 11

    This is a session packed with 'smaller' new features in pdfToolbox 11. Remember that smaller doesn't necessarily mean unimportant!

    (Presenters: Dietrich von Seggern, David van Driessche & Klim Kavaliou)


    10:45 AM Break
    11:00 AM


    More information will follow.

    (Presenter: Olaf Drümmer)

    callas DPartner

    A new standard combines the use of DPart information with a print intent vocabulary, so parts of PDF files can be labeled with origin or intent information. The possibilities for print automation are huge, and callas software provides a new, free product to help you understand what DPart information is contained in a PDF.

    (Presenter: Dietrich von Seggern)

    11:45 AM Break
    12:00 PM

    pdfToolbox 11 on steroids

    More information will follow.

    (Presenters: Marc Hausmann & Akash Choudhary)

    MadeToPrint: automate and standardize output workflows for print and packaging

    This session will give you an overview of how MadeToPrint speeds up, standardizes, automates, streamlines, safeguards, combines and controls even the most complex and individual output requirements to PDF and other files from your preferred layout application.
    Too much for you? Not for MadeToPrint!

    (Presenter: René Treuber)

    12:45 PM Lunch
    01:30 PM

    The Great PDF Show

    Do you know how many characters there are in the PDF specification, what colour socks John Warnock wore when he invented PDF or what the difference is between OCG, OCCD and OCMD? Then you might stand a chance in this fast-paced quiz!

    (Presenters: David van Driessche & Dietrich von Seggern)

    02:15 PM Break
    02:30 PM

    License to license

    Join this session to see how License Server works in practice. We'll explain how to work with cartridges, move a License Server, handle failover, combine pdfToolbox Desktop and License Server, and much more!

    (Presenters: Ulrich Frotscher & David van Driessche)

    Math is not easy. How could you deal with it for accessible documents with MadeToTag?

    MadeToTag takes care of fast and proper PDF/UA generation right from the layout in Adobe InDesign. Now, MadeToTag is also preparing for a new feature for more complex document contents: learn how to write mathematical formulas into PDF and interpret them correctly.

    (Presenter: Olaf Drümmer)

    03:15 PM Break
    03:30 PM

    The bleeding edge

    More information will follow.

    (Presenters: Dietrich von Seggern & David van Driessche)

    04:15 PM Break
    04:30 PM

    When Process Plans grow up

    Process Plans started out as a simple way to run a few fixups in a predefined order. Meanwhile, they are used to build the most complex workflows imaginable. Editing them was … not without limitations. Until now!

    (Presenter: Ulrich Frotscher)

    05:15 PM End


    Tuesday, October 22
    Time Hall Paris II Hall Riga
    09:00 AM

    An introduction to (or a chance to get re-acquainted with) the other solutions put in the market by Four Pees

    Next to the solutions from callas software and axaio software, Four Pees distributes a much wider range of products. This session introduces these products and explains where you can get the most value from them.

    (Presenter: Tom Peire)

    Colors in pdfToolbox 11

    More information will follow.

    (Presenters: Dietrich von Seggern & Marc Heusmann)

    09:45 AM Break
    10:00 AM

    A new PDF preflight report template

    More information will follow.

    (Presenters: Marc Hausmann & David van Driessche)

    Flexible print output automation at the German publishing house Wort & Bild Verlag

    Apotheken Umschau is a known German pharmacy magazine, which is published by Wort & Bild Verlag as a customer magazine twice a month. The challenge in production is that the layouts of the magazine covers are individualized depending on the pharmacy. This means that the output workflow has to be tailor-made, but at the same time standardized in order to avoid errors and save time in production. In this session, you will learn how this was achieved with MadeToPrint Server, MadeForLayers and pdfToolbox profiles.

    (Presenter: Ingo Röseler from SNAP Innovation)

    10:45 AM Break
    11:00 AM

    Inside the callas preflight engine

    Do you know what a snippet is? How snippet-based checks differ from page or document-based checks? Or what the consequences can be of mixing different conditions? This geeky session explores the insides of the callas preflight engine.

    (Presenter: David van Driessche)

    11:45 AM Break
    12:00 PM

    7 minutes with a pdfToolbox integrator - Part I

    There are many partners in the callas ecosystem that develop interesting solutions around pdfToolbox, pdfaPilot or pdfChip, that can also be used by other people. In this session, you'll get a (very) quick introduction to some of these exciting solutions.

    (Presenter: David van Driessche)

    12:45 PM Lunch
    01:30 PM

    7 minutes with a pdfToolbox integrator - Part II

    There are many partners in the callas ecosystem that develop interesting solutions around pdfToolbox, pdfaPilot or pdfChip, that can also be used by other people. In this session, you'll get a (very) quick introduction to some of these exciting solutions.

    (Presenter: David van Driessche)

    02:15 PM Break
    02:30 PM

    Ask me nicely

    More information will follow.

    (Presenter: David van Driessche)

    03:15 PM Break
    03:30 PM

    Wrap up

    Are you curious which of your wishes has made it into the product planning? Do you want to decide what you want us to spend time on? Well, this session is your chance to do so!

    (Presenters: Olaf Drümmer, Dietrich von Seggern, Karina Zander & David van Driessche)

    04:15 PM End


    Wednesday, October 23
    Time Hall Riga
    09:00 AM Training
    12:00 PM Lunch
    01:00 PM Training
    04:00 PM End

    For those who already know us: we like to combine business with pleasure! For participants arriving on Sunday evening, we will arrange a three-course dinner at the panoramic restaurant Le Sommet, located on the 11th floor of the hotel, where you’ll be able to see the Gothic spires that dominate Riga’s cityscape. 

    They might suggest austerity, but nothing is further from the truth. That’s why we will explore this vibrant cosmopolitan city on Monday evening! We will take a two-hour historical tour with a stop in a Black Balsam shop where we will taste this traditional Latvian herbal liqueur. Once we ticked that off our bucket list, we will move on to restaurant Forest, where they will spoil our taste buds with Latvian contemporary and classic European cuisine. Sounds like a perfect evening, right?


    The event will take place at Bellevue Park Hotel Riga in Riga, Latvia. The 4-star hotel is located next to the picturesque Victory Park, 1,7 km from Riga Old Town. They are proud of their excellent service and individual approach to all guests!

    The sessions on Monday and Tuesday will take place in the spacious Hall Paris II as well as the bright Hall Riga. The training on Wednesday will only take place in the latter. Both have a daylight view and a good ventilation system to keep you alert and comfortable throughout the day!

    Hotel accommodation

    If you need a hotel room, we have negotiated a special rate for the nights of October 20, 21 and 22. It’s up to you which room you like the most: 

    Note that the above-mentioned rates include breakfast and free Wi-Fi.

    If you introduce the promo code 'VIPEVENT2019', you can book your room at our special rate right away:

    Book your room

    If you prefer to arrive earlier or stay longer, the hotel can offer the same rates based upon the availability.


    You can book your ticket for € 199 per attendee until Thursday October 10, 2019. 

    What is included?

    • Dinner on Sunday 
    • Access to all sessions of the seminar where you will be in direct contact with developers, product management & management on Monday and Tuesday
    • Coffee breaks, lunch, evening activity & dinner on Monday 
    • Coffee breaks & lunch on Tuesday 
    • Training with developers and product management on Wednesday 
    • Coffee breaks & lunch on Wednesday 

    So, don’t forget you still need to book your hotel room and flight yourself! 

    If you want to take your spouse to Riga, the fee is € 99. The dinners as well as the evening activity on Monday are included in this fee! 


    If you have any questions, please contact us via justine.trio@fourpees.com or +32 9 237 10 00.

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