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    Kak dela Komrad,

    --[ Synopsis:
    Hackito Ergo Sum conference will be held from April 12th to the 14th of 2012 in Paris, France.
    Following last edition's success, Hackito 2012 will continue developing and sharing a pleasant atmosphere and rich technical content, focusing on hardcore computer &
     network security, insecurity, vulnerability analysis, reverse engineering,  research and hacking. We will do our best to help new talents and confirmed  experts present
     their latest research.
    Hackito is and remains an international conference, 100% in English, aiming to  gather the best security researchers, hackers, experts, operationals and  decision makers
     in Paris. 
    This year, we will have one country of honor, from which and for which we expect specific submission and focus. This year, it will be Russia. The goal of such dedication
     of Hackito 2012 to Russia is to bring in focus one country and its specific challenges and skills in the matter of security. Russia is indeed one such country, with extremely
     skilled security researchers and a  creative and impressive security industry, but also extremely active malware  creators and developped  underground market.
    --[ Introduction:

    This past year we've seen a lot of incidents with Wikileaks being gagged, Anonymous responding by an active and offensive form of "online protest", Lulzsec hacking FBI support organization, Stuxnet and Duqu, huge scale compromissions, but also with the huge presence of informant at security and hacking conferences, national "firewall-of-shame" being massively developped and yet countly being proved inefficient, downloading "3-strikes" laws shown ineffective yet developping, governmental investment in the offensive capabilities, exploit market development, ACTA law being pushed by lobbies with articles against digital freedom etc... When confronted with such atmosphere, it is important to keep an open place and attitude so that the retreat to darkness and obscurantism doesn't happend even when confronted by powerful and dark forces and agendas. The goal of this conference is to promote security research, broaden public awareness and create an open forum so that communication between the researchers, the security industry, the experts and the public can happen. People who never presented to any conference before can come to /tmp/lab FUSR-U hack sessions in Paris before in the months the conference, in order to practice and be advised and counseled by mentors. We encourage submissions from students, academics or otherwise passionate people from anywhere on the internet. You can submit your anonymous talk in advance, through 30mn video of slides + demo, and the best one will be selected, with 15mn Q&A session live with the presenter through anonymous communication means. This conference will try to take into account all voices in order to reach a balanced position regarding research and security, inviting businesses, governmental actors, researchers, professionals and the general public to share concerns, approaches and interests for this topic. We are as a result eager to gather many different people from different horizons, for a great diversity of goals, interests, contexts and orientations. During three days research conferences, solutions presentations, panels and debates will aim to view and determine the future of hacking and network and computing security. There will be this year a hackathlon, which will have several challenges in various categories: network hacking and exploitation, lockpicking, social hacking, physical & body hacking, radio hacking, etc... This is a "poor-man challenge", with very few equipment needed to participate, and many prize to win. Be ready, be brave, be smart.

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