SEW Brussels

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Brussels: The Heart of Startup

Start: 01 Feb 2016

End: 05 Feb 2016

  • Startup Europe Week

    Why Startup Week Europe?  Many global initiatives celebrate entrepreneurship. Typically, such events follow the Silicon Valley format, with motivational speeches, networking sessions and the like.

    But Europe is different.  When it comes to starting a business here, something more is needed. Regional diversity and local policy-making shape European startups, and European regions play a key role in the startup ecosystem -- from helping entrepreneurs to incorporate, to providing grants and tax breaks. For this reason, it is critical to include European regions in the startup conversation.  That is why Startup Europe Week was created.

    Why Brussels?  Bringing together a local, national and international ecosystem to promote startup, Brussels delivers a unique starting point for exploring the first-ever Startup Europe Week.  Join us 1-5 February 2016 for a series of exciting entrepreneurship events in the heart of Europe, and find out why Brussels is also "the heart of startup"!

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