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    Here you will find the step-by-step instructions on how to:

    A. How To Register As An Affiliate

    B. How To Get Your Affiliate Link for SR Events

    C. How To Check Your Earnings and Reports

    D. How To Hyperlink Text

    E. How To Insert Your Promotion Links into Ready Emails

    F. How To Send Ready Emails


    When you refer our products and services to your clients and customers,
    we'll pay you for every sale we make from one of your leads.

    How will I know that a Sale has come from my marketing efforts?

    We use "Affiliate/Promotion Links" to track the source of every prospects.

    As an Affiliate, you are assigned unique tracking links that you can use to
    drive people to our promotional offers and events.

    When someone clicks on one of your tracking links, we will KNOW that the referral
    was generated by you and we will mail you a commission check monthly for your efforts.

    If you have any questions we can answer about the details of our Affiliate Program, please contact Hemanth at hemanth.m@srglobal.com

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    Step 1. Sign up for an Amiando account here



    Step 2. Enter Your Details and click on "Start Now!".
    Note: You can enter your name in the [Company] field, if you do not have a company



    Step 3. Your Account is ready and you will see this.



    Step 4. To Navigate to the Affiliate Section, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Features"


    Step 5. Then Click on "Promote Your Event"



    Step 6. Scroll down to "Event Affiliate Program" and click on "More Information".


    Step 7. Tick the Checkbox and Click "Join Now".


    Step 8. You are now ready to start generating your Affiliate Links.


    Step 9. Be sure to Bookmark this Page!




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    Step 1. Click here to Login to your Amiando Account first.

    Step 2. Click on the National Achievers Congress Invitation Links: https://en.xing-events.com/affiliate/eventAffiliateProgram.html?invitation=NAC1610LON

    Step 3. Click on "Promote this Event". This will generate a promotion Link below.

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    Step 4. Your promotion link will be generated

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    Step 5. With your unique "Promotion Link" You can start marketing our Events for a profit!

    Step 6. You can visit the "Marketing Tools" page to get materials you could use for your marketing needs.


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    Step 1. Click Here to login your Amiando Affiliate'a account



    Step 2. You would reach the "Overview" page. Here, you can view the Overall Clicks/Income you have generated.

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    NOTE: If you have logged in and can't find the"Overview" page,
    Click Here
    (http://www.amiando.com/affiliate/eventAffiliateProgram.html?requestLanguage=EN) to access the page.




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    Step 1. Download an Email from here and open it. (Right Click > Save As)

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    Step 2. Scroll down and you will see the "Click here" Text
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    Step 3. Highlight "Click here" > Right Click > Hyperlink
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    Step 4. Paste you Promotion Link into the Address box and click OK.
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    Step 5. Your Pormotion Link is now embedded in "Click here"
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    Step1: Download the Ready-made email
    Example: Download the Ready-Made email here (save it on your desktop- html file)

    Step 2: Click on Save Button

     Step 3: Right click the file > Open with > Choose default program

    Step 4: UNCHECK “Always use this program to open the selected file”
    ( Select NOTEPAD)


    Step 5: You will see this
    (This is the HTML code of the email)


    Step 6: Click on Edit > Replace
    (We are now inserting your Affiliate/promotion link into the email)


    Step 7: Type “promotionlink” in [Find what] – Enter your promotion link in [Replace with]
    (A promotion link looks like this: http://www.amiando.com/w/abcde)


    Step 8: Click on "Replace All"
    (You affiliate/promotion link will now be embedded into the email)


    Step 9: Click on File > Save and you are done!
    (The File is ready to be copied into an email)


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    Step1: Double Click the file to open it


    Step 2: This is what an example Ready-made Email looks like

    Step 3: Highlight all the contents of the Email or press 'CTRL + A'

    Step4: Right Click > Copy


    Step 5: Paste it in an Email Draft

    Step 6: It is now ready to be sent!


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