• Success Resources Affiliate Program

    • What's an Affiliate?

      At Success Resources our mission is simple: To Educate People.

      We like to support people, businesses, and organizations. And most of all
      we like to make friends.

      We seek to build a community that not only lives, learns and succeeds
      for their own personal benefit but to give back and share their experiences
      to generations that follow.

      This is the learning culture we like.

      And we want YOU on our team.

      Join us!

      Today, you have the opportunity to be one of our valued Affiliate Members.

      By introducing someone to the many life-changing programs we organize,
      you could be the catalyst that ignites someone's dreams, leads them
      to find financial independence, and achieve the lifestyle we want.

      What's more, you get to reap instant rewards for "paying it forward"...


      Educating People Has Never Been So Rewarding
      Our Success Resources Affiliates see themselves as agents of change.
      They have a career that is actively involved in empowering others to live
      up their full potential AND has the potential to earn unlimited income!

      Here's How it Works:

      Let's say you promote an event and earn a commission of just 48.00 for every ticket sold.

      Sales Per Day(Commissions Per Sale)

      Earnings Per Week

      Earnings Per Month

      Earnings Per Year

      1 sale / day

      336.00 1,440.00


      2 sales / day

      672.00 2,880.00


      4 sales / day





      And that's ONLY with a 48.00 commission from the low-end. We have seminars where you
      can earn up to 
      484.00 per sale. Just imagine how much you could make from that
      (here's a clue: - below).

      Sales Per Day(Commissions Per Sale)

      Earnings Per Week

      Earnings Per Month

      Earnings Per Year

      1 sale / day

      3388.00 14,520.00


      2 sales / day

      6776.00 29,040.00


      4 sales / day





      Here's How To Register

      Becoming a Success Resources Affiliate is Easy.
      All you have to do is to follow a few simple steps listed below. 


      1) Register here for an Amiando Affiliate's account
      (This account would allow you to promote our Events) 


      2) Click on an invitation link to begin promoting a seminar.
      (The invitation links are listed in the "Invitation Links" Tab)

      3) Click on "PROMOTE THIS EVENT" for a Promotion Link to be generated
      (The Promotion link will refer people to our sales page and track your referrals)

      4) Start Promoting your Promotion Link
      (You will be commissioned for any sale made through your link!)



      If you have any questions about the program before registering, please contact Success Resources at elaine.joseph@srglobal.com or aida.jehad@srglobal.com



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