For Singers, Wanna-Be Singers, Music Lovers, and People who Think they Can't Sing....

    Will you Join Deborah in Singapore March 20-22?


    THE 5-Step System to Stretch Outside your Comfort Zone and Deliver a Breakthrough Superstar Performance! 

    Imagine - In just one weekend, you'll learn how to Sing like a Super Star and perform onstage in front of a live audience with confidence and joy

    MYTH: Either you can sing, or you can’t.

    FACT: Singing is easy. Anyone can learn to sing well with the right teacher and the right method.

    This transformational Sing Your Heart Out program is not just about learning a skill that can make you stand out or impress people at parties or karaoke, more important; it’s about boosting your confidence and dramatically improving communication by projecting a powerful voice so that you can achieve the results you want in all aspects of your life.

    In this highly experiential program you will not learn “how to” be a star, you will become one. Before the end of the training, you will perform a song like a superstar on stage in front of a live audience!

    Do at least one of these ring true for you?

    • You'd LOVE to be able to sing well!
    • You have a HIDDEN DESIRE to speak or sing in a way that transforms people.
    • You think you could benefit from having more CHARISMA and CONFIDENCE
    • You want to be an example for others and ask people to step up or outside their comfort zone. As a result, you need to walk your talk and continue to grow YOURSELF. You need to stretch beyond your own comfort zone to enable you and others to STEP UP to what's next. 
    • You are READY to PLAY A MUCH BIGGER GAME but haven't found the right coach or the right vehicle to help you get there as fast enough.
    • Your feel YOUR MESSAGE IS BIG but think you could get better at inspiring and motivating people to action.
    • You judge and criticize yourself more than you would like to
    • You don't feel comfortable openly communicating how much you love and care for the people around you.

    Warning: This could be surprising! Sing Your Heart Out is for you even if...

    • You dislike the sound of your speaking or singing  voice  
    • You don't know if your voice accurately reflects who you really are
    • You sing in your car or in the shower but don't think you would have the courage or ability to sing onstage in front of a group of people
    • You think you can't sing or are tone deaf
    • You had a bad experience in the past with music, singing or public speaking
    • Singing a song (and enjoying it) is something you NEVER thought you could actually do

    In the Sing Your Heart Out program, you learn my transformational 5-Step Breakthrough System to Find Your Superstar Voice and communicate straight from the heart!

    Step 1 : Bring Your Body to Life

    Your body telegraphs how you feel about yourself and determines how others perceive you before you even open your mouth.

    The way you carry yourself – The look in your eyes - The way you walk onto a stage, stand and move, what you do with your hands, all make a huge difference. Even where you focus your attention before you open your mouth to sing your first note (or speak your first word) is critical, especially if you want to impress people or win a competition.

    In step one you'll learn how to:

    • Walk, dance, move, stand, gaze and gesture with power and authenticity 
    • Feel comfortable in your own skin in front of any audience (or in front of anyone)
    • Sing with ease
    • Stand out and outclass your competition (before you even open your mouth)
    • Release tension, nervousness and physical symptoms of stage fright
    • Be relaxed, energized and in the right mindset before performance
    Step 2 : Bring Your Voice to Life

    Most people just accept their voice as it is, and don't realize the power they have to change and control how they speak or sing. Have you ever heard a beautiful voice of a broadcaster or singer and wish that YOU were born with their voice?

    The truth is you can train your voice to sound amazing with my superstar singing secrets. Only top celebrities know about this system but now you can have it too!

    In step two you'll learn how to:

    • Sing strong, open vowels and adapt your voice to instantly sound like a professional singer, even if you are a beginner 
    • Warm up your voice to sing any type of music
    • Know your current vocal range and how to expand it to comfortably sing both higher and lower notes
    • Extend your vocal range and improve your voice with exercises that you can practice daily
    • Avoid losing or straining your voice
    • Advanced microphone techniques to make you sound your best 
    Step 3 : Bring Your Lyrics to Life

    When you are 100% connected to your song and follow my simple yet somewhat mind- blowing techniques to bring your lyrics to life, you will look, feel and sound like a superstar - feeling fully present and passionately alive with every word you sing.

    The ability to do this gives you an edge over your competition - it separates the amateurs from the professionals.

    In step three you'll learn how to:

    • Evaluate and model great performers and performances 
    • Use our Superstar Singing System that covers the 7 things you must be crystal clear about before performing a song.
    • Make both you and your song come alive. Learn timeless secrets that many professional (even famous) singers don't know.
    • Adapt any song to your own unique signature style
    • Sing an entire song from start to end with confidence & joy
    Step 4 : Bring Your Performance to Life

    When you bring your body, your voice and your lyrics all together POWERFULLY - you will have "The IT Factor." When you know how to choose the right material and how to practice properly, you will be able to command the stage with IMPACT and consistently deliver a stellar performance each and every time!

    In step four you'll learn how to:

    • Choose the right songs for you to sing well (even if you can't hit the high notes, are tone deaf, or think you can’t sing)
    • Stage choreography for maximum impact
    • Prepare and practice with precision and efficiency to perform at your best (this also will help you to compete)
    • Use music as a transformational tool to express your emotions and liberate your spirit
    • Have CHARISMA - that intangible star quality and presence that lights up a room (you’ll also learn how to turn it on and off whenever you want to)
    Step 5 : Bring Your Audience to Life

    Great singers can so completely connect and CAPTIVATE people’s emotions. You can and move an entire audience  to tears... and get them up clapping and dancing on their feet only minutes later – following your lead. When you truly engage and excite your audience, you've done more than deliver a great performance, you've created an experience, maybe even changed a life.

    Following the simple system you learn in this step, you will feel powerful, calm and confident in front of any size audience. (Even if you are an introvert or a beginner) We teach you to bring YOU to life - how to tap into your passion and your source energy when you sing so that you can deeply move and touch your audiences.

    In step five you'll learn how to:

    • Connect deeply with yourself and your audience so you can inspire everyone around you. 
    • Communicate authentically from your heart to touch, heal and move people
    • Manage the energy of a room
    • Perform confidently and consistently in front of any size audience
    • Release tension, nervousness and physical symptoms of stage fright
    • Captivate an audience and have them hang onto every note you sing and every word you speak

    Sing Your Heart Out is a highly specialized program that will give you immediate results. Using music as a tool for your transformation, you can come to the program wanting to have a breakthrough in any area of your life and get life-changing results! Our right brain approach that uses singing as a means to unlock your power, liberate your Spirit, and own your greatness!

    Are you willing to be stretched outside your comfort zone? Are you ready to radically improve your self-expression and confidence and catapult your communication effectiveness and your singing to an entirely new level in only a weekend?

    If your answer is yes, I invite you to join me and a few amazing people from all over Asia Pacific in Singapore March 20 - 22, 2015.

     Register Now.

    This may be the ONLY TIME I deliver this program in 2015 & 2016, so if you can make the dates, this could be a strong “TAP” from the Universe to say YES to yourself.

    The class is intimate and limited to only 12 people. It includes expert one-to-one personal coaching from Deborah Torres Patel before and during the program.

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