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Adam Street Club - 9 Adam St., WC2N 6AA

Start: Thursday, 10 Feb 2011 18:30

End: Thursday, 10 Feb 2011 21:00

  • Social Influence Panel Debate

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    “I'll have what she's having.”

    – Woman in the diner, When Harry Met Sally, 1989

    As individuals, communities and organisations evolve and embrace social as an integral part of their everyday online habits, the nature of what they say and do, and the effect it has on the people around them is increasingly being viewed as a strategically important part of your business planning and activities. With the wide-spread use of user generated content, online ratings & reviews guides, recommendations & referrals systems, and feedback & comments features, the rise of socially influential online content, individuals and organisations is transforming the way that you do business.

    Finding influential people and organisations is a key step for every business that wants to develop this influence and benefit from it. And by maintaining mutually healthy and trusting relationships with those who are actively interested and engaged in what you’ve got to say; and who have the networks of influence to spread your message, you put yourself in a better position to reap the benefits of everything that social business has to offer. This event will uncover the trends, the opportunities and the issues that businesses must consider if they are to use the power of influence effectively.

    Registration will start at 18:30

    The event is scheduled to finish at around 8:15, followed by networking and drinks

    PLEASE NOTE: This event is fully booked. Please register to be put on the waiting list and you will be notified if a space becomes available.

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    • Joanne Jacobs, Social Media Expert Consultant

    Joanne Jacobs consults in social networking technologies, and is a business coach, trainer and strategist for digital marketing practices. She was previously Director of Xenial, a production house for social networking platforms, including Mothercare’s site for pregnant women and young families, and Harper Collins’s for readers.

    Hailing from Australia, Joanne focuses on user led technologies, providing advice to a range of firms on how to generate benefits from emerging technologies, and she has a long history in academia, lecturing extensively in strategic use of information technology and strategic internet marketing. She was co-editor of the book, Uses of Blogs, published in 2006, and she is currently preparing her next book on other social networking applications and changes in business as a result of collaborative communication. Her current clients include PR agencies, third sector organisations and major firms, where she develops social media strategies, tactics and training for all levels of technology experience.

    Joanne speaks on a variety of topics for professional associations, conferences and professional development seminars in the technology and communications sphere, as well as acting as a business advisor, marketer and technology problem solver for social media.

    • Benjamin Ellis, Director and Co-Founder of Redcatco and Social-Optic

    Benjamin has worked in the information and communication technology arena for more than 20 years, with involvement in the Internet and on-line communities since the 1980’s.

    Having held roles in IT management, engineering and marketing, he switched focus to psychology, specifically the psychological aspects of computer-mediated communication.

    He combines consulting, training and design work with academic research projects and extensive use of the technologies to build and share knowledge about the space. This has lead to appearances on radio and TV, work with large global businesses and a number of published texts investigating how social media and social networking are changing the face of business.

    • Azeem Azhar, CEO and Founder,

    Azeem is an Internet entrepreneur and investor with a background in journalism having worked previously at The Economist and Guardian. Azeem has been active developing services on the Internet since 1992, as a student. He was involved in the launch of The Guardian, The Economist and BBC web services during the 1990s; as well as having a fin-de-siecle/Internet bubble escapade with an incubator between 1999 and 2001. More recently, he was has been an investor in Powerset, New Energy Finance, Daylife, Seedcamp and Dopplr.
    Husband and dad of three. Obsessed with the internet since 1990.

    • Gemma Went, Founder and Director, Red Cube Marketing

    Gemma is a strategic consultant that helps businesses achieve their objectives and engage with audiences through a blend of traditional and new methods that span marketing, social media and pr. Having worked both client and agency side, she has a good grasp of what clients need from a consultant and focuses on producing measurable results that fit with the client’s overall strategy. A psychologist, Gemma’s methods are all about getting under the skin of both her clients and their audience. This helps her to deliver the right messages, to the right people, to achieve the right results.

    With over 10 years experience, Gemma is a registered expert with the Design Business Association and runs regular social media workshops where she helps both corporates and SME’s understand how to utilise this comms tool in a way that works for them.

    • Matt Rhodes, Client Services Director, Fresh Networks

    One of the first members of the FreshNetworks team, Matt oversees the production, management and analysis of branded online communities for the likes of the Royal Bank of Scotland, BT and Virgin Media. He has a background in market research, customer experience and strategy consulting, specialising in digital innovation and proposition development.

    Matt runs both professional and personal blogs and is a prolific author of social media best-practice articles for a range of publications. He is a regular speaker at social media conferences across Europe, and is often called upon to give expert commentary about social media to various national media sources.

    Matt has an MA in Modern and Medieval Languages from the University of Cambridge and conducted post-graduate linguistic research at the Université de Provence in France.

    • Andrew Gerrard (chair), Director, d-marketing; Co-Founder and Director, Article8

    Andrew is a Social and Digital Business Consultant, helping companies and organisations understand and participate in the relationships they have with their audiences, and converting them through social and digital channels into mutually profitable long-term benefits.

    With over 20 years in the digital, online and social industries, Andrew brings with him a wealth of strategic insight and tactical knowledge for creating clear opportunities, building effective and practical activities, and producing measurable results.

    His experience in social business spans several decades, from creating marketing services and revenues for online communities with CompuServe and AOL in the nineties; launching LunarStorm, a major social network for the youth market, in 2005; to current development of social strategies and engagements for clients, advising them on how to adopt and integrate social media into their day-to-day business and evolving cultures. His career also spans senior marketing and business development roles with Microsoft, Epsilon and DoubleClick; and he is a founder member and former Director of the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). Andrew is a regular speaker and maintains a visible and active role in the social and digital industries.

    After graduating from college with a degree in Computing, Andrew qualified further as a professional sound engineer and spent 2 years producing music. He has a large and eclectic taste in music, has been known to play various instruments, and once harboured dreams of being a rockstar. Much to his personal dissapointment, but parents’ relief, he failed.


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