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    We live in a social ocean. We are subject to constant physical and mental forces, many of which are unrecognized. Our personalities are a collection of stories, events, realities, and imagined situations. Everything around us – our history, our physical environment, our community – affects us. And we affect all of it, too. It’s influence.

    At TEDxOmaha 2013, we will explore influence. The influences we recognize. Ones we don’t understand. How the influence of a mentor shaped the way we see the world. How the world shapes our health. Influence is the push and pull on all of our experiences, internally, externally, globally.

    TEDxOmaha will he held from 12-6pm on Saturday, October 26th.

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    New this year: you will be invited to join our private group on Facebook. This will allow you to communicate with other TEDxOmaha attendees and speakers, plus get invitations to special events. Please enter a valid email address for each ticket holder.

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    602 N 20th St NE 68178 Omaha United States of America
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Event organiser: Brian Smith
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