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An Introduction to Bankruptcy Law – Become a Bankruptcy Attorney

hosted by rankable

Start: 25 Aug 2016

End: 25 Aug 2016

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  • Title

    Becoming a bankruptcy attorney is a great job that is highly rewarding and very in demand. As a bankruptcy lawyer, you will be helping individuals and businesses when they’re at their lowest ebb to find some stability.

    Who is this event for?

    This event is for those with some background in law, looking to learn more about bankruptcy in particular. This is great for those looking to specialize or who just want to expand their knowledge base and skill set.

    Event details

    This event provides very basic training and information that can be invaluable for your law practice. For those looking to specialize as bankruptcy attorneys, it is the perfect jumping off point.


    9am – Talk – An Introduction to Bankruptcy Law
    11am – Discussion and Q&A
    12pm – Lunch break
    1.30pm – Talk – What to Expect as a Bankruptcy Attorney
    3pm – Workshop
    4pm – Networking and Snacks
    What to wear
    There is a smart dress code for this event. Wear what you would wear into work!


    What will I learn?

    This event teaches the basics of bankruptcy and provides and overview. It also includes a more specific description of the kinds of cases you will deal with and how you should deal with them.
    How much are tickets?

    Tickets cost $100 each.

    For more details visit BLC San Diego


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