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  • • The Challenges of Unexploded Munitions - Background information to the Colloquium

    The European Commission, in cooperation with the European External Action Service, is organizing a Colloquium on the Challenges of Unexploded Munitions. This event will address the challenge of unexploded munitions and other military ordonnance dumped on the seabed, which continues to be a source of concern all around the world. In Europe, this problematic is particularly felt in the Adriatic-Ionian, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Safety, security and environmental risks are aggravated by the fact that many of these munitions are of a chemical nature, containing chemical agents like sulphur mustard, nerve gas and lewisite. Eventual threats to marine ecosystems and, possibly, human health, are also a source of concern. Unexploded munitions can also be a barrier to blue economy opportunities, deterring or blocking the development of blue activities in dumping sites.

    The event will contribute to deliver on the mandate provided by the EU Maritime Security Strategy revised Action Plan (actions B.4.2 and B.5.2 of the Action Plan) and will bring together interested civil and military stakeholders to debate the topic, also providing participants with an opportunity to exchange best practices and envisage common responses to the problematic.

    The Colloquium on the Challenges of Unexploded Munitions will be a 1-day event. It will include five periods of discussion/sessions in one single plenary session (one introductory, 3 regional sessions and a concluding/wrap up session). The Colloquium will have as target audience representatives from Member States, Members of the European Parliament, Regional, European and International organizations, the research community and other relevant stakeholders. This event will be held in English

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