male health & myths debunked

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Start: 31 Mar 2019

End: 31 Mar 2019

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  • male health & myths debunked

    One thing that’s being talked about more in the modern digital age is male health, and how it is often overlooked or talked about. Men have often found it hard to speak to their GP or friends about problems, whether this is mental health, hair loss, erectile dysfunction or contraception, and I recently stumbled upon HealthLineRX, who have released their #ImTalkingHealth Magazine, focusing on these subjects and how it’s important to talk. We’ve taken a look at some of those subjects, which you can find below:

    Erectile Dysfunction

    This is probably the hardest subject to talk about, out of the lot, but in actual fact 23.6% of those surveyed said they have either experienced erectile dysfunction, or knew someone who had. If you’re struggling to decide who to talk to about this, there’s some great options for an anonymous online doctor, with one in ten men saying they would prefer this way of talking.

    ED treatments have changed over time, nowadays there are lots of options, such as viagra, cialis and sildenafil, which are all available online, but did you know back in the Ancient Rome days, men with ED were advised to consume the organs of virile animals, and in Ancient Egypt people concocted a range of treatments, including one which was a cream made from the hearts of baby crocodiles. It’s safe to say things are a little easier now.

    Hair loss

    A lot of people believe that hair loss is caused by stress, but the real truth is that the most common cause for hair loss is male-pattern baldness and is estimated that 6.5 million men in the UK have this condition.

    Don’t be afraid to seek advice if you’re worried about hair loss, there are many myths out there which are not true, so it’s best to speak to your GP, pharmacist or online doctor to get expert advice and to debunk these myths, hair loss is normal! So what exactly are those myths? Well, for one, washing your hair a lot does not lead to baldness, shampoos go through a vigorous testing process to make sure they’re safe. Another myth that is often doing the rounds is that cutting your hair will make it grow back quicker, there’s no proven evidence for this, so don’t head straight for the clippers or barbers thinking this is true.

    Talking to your partner about contraception

    There are so many methods of contraception available out there for couples, such as the condom, pill, vasectomy and natural family planning, but with there being a lot of options, which one do you go for?

    To decide this, it’s important to speak to your partner, and be open about sex, whether this is a new partner or you have been together for a long time. Always talk about contraception for one, but sexual history and expectations of the relationship are also important. Men actually seem to be relaxed when it comes to talking about contraception, with 82.1% of survey respondents saying they are comfortable talking about this topic with their partner, are you?


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