Learn the fundamentals of high power charging and cooled cable technology.
    The conveyed knowledge will enable you to actively shape these key components of e-mobility. Join the seminar to be in the driver´s seat!



    What you get:
    You'll learn the language, norms, and frameworks needed to:

    • Get an overview of the standards regarding High Power Charging (HPC)
    • Map the normative landscape of HPC
    • Apply the relevant norms correctly
    • Comprehend in depth how cooled cables are constructed and how they function
    • Understand the technical limitations of cooled systems
    • Get an overview of existing cooling techniques and the materials used in cooled cables
    • Follow publications of relevant committees and meetings


    In our interactive lecture format you will be working through engaging real-life examples together with our renowened expert in the field of High Power Charging. This limited-availability workshop, set in a unique automotive-related venue, is sure to be an invaluable learning experience.


    When and where:
    Monday, November 25th, 2019, 9 am to 6 pm (Registration at 8:30 am)

    Berlin (Germany). The exact venue of the event will be announced in due course.


    How much: 
    CharIN member: € 975,00 (excl. applicable VAT)
    Regular: € 1490,00 (excl. applicable VAT)


    Who Should Attend:
    (Electrical) engineers, managers, product designers, entrepreneurs, technology consultants; anyone interested in the field of e-mobility and HPC.

    As this is an introductory course we welcome participants with no prior experience in the field. Although a background in engineering is beneficial it is not required to understand the topic.



    1. Welcome

    2. Introduction in the overview of standards regarding high power charging and how they are related

    [coffee break]

    3. IEC 62893-4-1/2

    • Why are the cooled cables so thin?

    • How is the minimum size of the cooled cable calculated (I2t)

    • What impact does I2t have on ground cables?

    • Why is it still safe to use thin cables (fault cases)

    4. IEC 62196-3(-1)  

    • Y-capacitors and what impact do they have on HPC

    • Contact resistance, coating (impact of cooling)

    • What liquids may be used with a cooled cable

    • How much cooling is required to use cooled cables (radiation, convection)

    • What cooling techniques exist

    [12:30 pm lunch break]

    5. Limitations

    • What are the technical limitations of cooled charging systems

    • What is the maximum power throughput of cooled cables

    • What is the power / heat (loss) ratio at different current levels

    [coffee break]

    6. Physical background

    7. Historical background of cooled welding cables

    8. Publishing timeline of IEC 61851-23, IEC 62196-3(-1) and IEC 62893-4-1/2

    9. Relevant committees and meetings

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