Get-Together: Unicorns in Tech meets METRONOM

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Beginn: Dienstag, 19.02.2019 um 19:00

Ende: Dienstag, 19.02.2019 um 22:00

  • Titel

    UNICORNS IN TECH is the global tech community for LGBT+ and straight allies. It is the ideal place for everyone who is at home in the world of technology, whether they are an industry professional or a more casual enthusiast. On a monthly basis, we organize get-together events, hosted by proud companies.

    Since UNICORNS IN TECH was founded in October 2014, we have built a community of 3.800+ members.

    ■ SCHEDULE ■



    Our get-togethers are free of charge for members and membership is free.

    Get-togethers cost € 20 for non-members.

    There are unlimited tickets available to register on Eventbrite. However, it will be on a first come, first served basis basis basis.

    When the event space is full, we want to close the door (so get there early!)


    Do you want to help us expand the UNICORNS IN TECH community? Get the new SUPPORTER membership.

    You can book the supporter membership directly with your ticket. You can read about the benefits on our website

    SUPPORTER members always have reserved seats for guaranteed access to the get-togethers.

    ■ About METRONOM ■

    At METRO, we are convinced that food is the basis for a healthy economy and a living coexistence." Whether restaurant, café or catering company: they all enrich our lives.

    At METRONOM - METRO'S spearhead and backbone on its journey into the future of food - we are setting the pace in food and technology.


    Find us on social media for event updates @UnicornsInTech

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    UNICORNS IN TECH Member Ticket
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    UNICORNS IN TECH Supporter Member Ticket
    30 kostenlos -
    METRONOM Employee , Partners & Press Ticket
    60 kostenlos -
    FRONT SEAT Member Ticket (Reserved seat)
    € 5,00
    € 4,20
    € 0,00
    Non-Attendee Ticket
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    € 8,40
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    UNICORNS IN TECH Non-Member Ticket
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  • Anfahrt

    Adresse des Veranstaltungsorts

    Metro-Straße 10 40235 Düsseldorf Deutschland
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