This workshop enables every participant to understand the entire eMobility ecosystem. Participants will gain a first inside into the market framework, including all relevant market players, market roles, processes and interactions.



    What you get:

    • Overview of the eMobility ecosystem
    • Description of stakeholders that are part of this market
    • Core IT- and business processes between all relevant players
    • Get to know relevant standards and regulations – on global, European and national levels
    • Products and services for the different market roles
    • Overview of an EV: how works an electric vehicle, how works the charging of an electric vehicle
    • Insights into the next level of EV charging



    In our interactive lecture format, you will be working through engaging real-life examples together with our renowned experts with years of practical experience in designing and realizing eMobility services.


    When and where:

    Monday, November 11th, 2019, 9 am to 5 pm (Registration at 8:30 am)
    Berlin (Germany). The exact venue of the event will be announced in due course.


    How Much:

    CharIN member: € 975,00 (excl. applicable VAT)
    Regular: € 1490,00 (excl. applicable VAT)  


    Who Should Attend:

    Managers, product designers, entrepreneurs, technology consultants; anyone interested gaining an overview of the eMobility market.

    As this is an introductory course, we welcome participants with no prior experience in the field.



    1. Introduction and setting expectations

    2. eMobility ecosystem – which roles and players are part of this market

    [coffee break]

    3. What are the core IT- and business processes of the eMobility ecosystem?

    4. Get an overview of the most relevant standards and regulations – on a global level, European level and national level

    [lunch break]

    5. Product- and service portfolio for the different market roles

    6. Overview of an EV: Concept of electric vehicles

    7. Overview of the customer journey of charging an electric vehicle

    8. Next level of EV charging: What are the trends of the future of EV charging?

    9. Wrap-up

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    Berlin 10000 Berlin Germany
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