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Monday, 14 Feb 2022 17:00

  • Contents

    This live online seminar introduces participants to the state-of-the-art of PLS path modeling (PLS-SEM) using ADANCO and the R package cSEM. The first three days of the seminar provide a profound introduction to PLS-SEM, including model specification, estimation, and assessment. Participants will learn how to apply PLS path modeling by means of ADANCO and cSEM. The instructors will make use of several examples and exercises. The fourth and the fifth day of the seminar cover extensions to PLS path modeling, such as mediating effects, moderating effects (interaction effects), multi-group analysis, second-order constructs, and how to deal with ordinal variables. Participants will learn how to apply these extensions to PLS path modeling by means of ADANCO and cSEM. Finally, the sixth day is about Monte Carlo simulations, explaining how to design and evaluate a computational experiment on the behavior of PLS-SEM. 

    This seminar will cover a wide spectrum of recent developments in PLS and composite-based structural equation modeling, including:

    • Consistent PLS (PLSc) to estimate common factor models within the PLS path modeling framework
    • Overall goodness of fit: the SRMR for composites and common factor models
    • A new criterion for discriminant validity: The heterotrait-monotrait ratio of correlations (HTMT)
    • Ordinal PLS (OrdPLS) as a means to deal with ordinal variables

    Participants will receive a 1-year fully-functional version of ADANCO 2.3.

  • Schedule

    The seminar is spread over six days:

    • Day 1 (14 February 2022): Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling and PLS-SEM
    • Day 2 (18 February 2022): Model Specification & Estimation
    • Day 3 (21 February 2022): Model Assessment
    • Day 4 (25 February 2022): Mediation, Moderation, Multi-Group Analysis
    • Day 5 (28 February 2022): Second-Order Constructs, IPA, OrdPLS
    • Day 6 (7 March 2022): Monte Carlo Simulations with PLS

    On these days, the seminar takes place from 17:00 to 20:00 China Standard Time (UTC+8). For instance, this corresponds to a time of 10:00 to 13:00 Central European Time (UTC+1).

  • Who should attend?

    This seminar is designed for full-time faculty and students as well as for practicing business professionals who are engaged in, or interested in, current techniques to perform Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) using PLS Path Modeling. Knowledge about uni- and bivariate analysis is recommendable. A basic knowledge of SEM techniques is helpful, but not required. 


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