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    July 2nd 2017
    , 10:00 – 13:00 H (CET)
    Instructor: Ben Burtt
    Tuition Fee: 100.00 EUR (incl. 19% VAT)
    Working language: English
    Application Deadline: July 1st 2017

    Techniqual requirements:
    * PC/MacBook/etc.
    * WebCam
    * Headphone

    Software used for the conference: 
    * ADOBE CONNECT (need not to be installed at your device)
      After having booked a seat you will receive a link where you can get online.
      During the session you can ask questions via chat. Ben Burtt will answer them if they are relevant.

    For Star Wars, he brought the lightsaber to "sound" and created language and sound of the droid R2-D2.
    In addition to numerous international prizes he was awarded four OSCARs for his work.
    Once again we managed to win one of the most important sound designers of our time Ben Burtt to conduct a three-day MasterClass SoundDesign.

    Ben Burtt's METROPOLIS SOUND DESIGN WORKSHOP is part of the MasterClass SoundDesign (day 3) conducted by BEN BURTT at MSH MediaSoundHamburg that takes place from June 23rd – July 2nd 2017 in Hamburg/Germany.

    Book your seat now!
    Be online at the MasterClass SoundDesign conducted by BEN BURTT!

    In preparation for Ben Burtt's METROPOLIS SOUND DESIGN WORKSHOP, here is a clip from the classic METROPOLIS (1927) by Fritz Lang.
    Find also following the briefing by BEN BURTT.

    „With regard to the METROPOLIS clip, here is my briefing: Metropolis is a silent film and thus this clip represents an opportunity to attach a wide variety of sound and/or music to interpret the drama. I am open to a wide variety of possibilities and the students should feel free to express themselves from the heart. You could try and be completely realistic with sound or you could be very abstract and impressionistic. You could just create music. Whatever you do, the objective is to tell a story with sound that has a beginning, middle, and end. You should establish a mood, then add sounds in to create a crescendo and ultimately some sort of resolution. I imagine that the sounds, if heard by themselves, would tell a story or at least have a dramatic profile as well.“
    (Ben Burtt, May 2017)


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