MISP Training (Sweden) - Developers session

hosted by CIRCL | SUNET

SUNET, Tulegatan 11, 3rd floor

Start: 06 Feb 2019

End: 06 Feb 2019

  • Event description

    In a continuous effort since 2016, CIRCL frequently gives training sessions about MISP (Malware Information Sharing Platform & Threat Sharing). The purpose is to reach out to security analysts using MISP as a threat intelligence platform along with users using it as an information sharing platform. This is an opportunity for the users to meet the developers and exchange about potential improvements or use-cases using MISP as a threat-intelligence platform.

    The MISP training will demonstrate how the platform functions; explain how to share, comment and contribute data, and describe the future developments. This part of the training focuses on the analyst aspect along with the management of your own MISP instance especially how to connect to other MISP communities.

    The training is free but there is a no-show fee of 40,- EUR if you register and don’t join us at the training without reasonable prior notice.

    More information about MISP: https://www.circl.lu/services/misp-malware-information-sharing-platform/

    About the MISP project:https://www.misp-project.org - https://twitter.com/MISPProject

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  • Costs of the training

    This training is free-of-charge but there is a no-show fee of 40,- EUR/USD if you register and don’t join us for the training without cancellation. 

  • Practical information


    As this is day 2 of a technical workshop, attendees are expected to bring their own laptop to the course.

    Knowledge from day 1 (either from the previous day session or somewhere else) are expected.


    Who benefits most from this training:

    Integrators of MISP and contributors. The goal is to integrate MISP into the workflow of other tools. 



    • Your physical presence
    • Probably a computer

    For more information: https://www.circl.lu/services/misp-training-materials/


    This is an 8 hour training.

    What is included:

    • Training material
    • Beverages
    • Light lunch

    Language of the course:

    The course is given in English.

  • About CIRCL

    The Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg (CIRCL) is a government-driven initiative designed to provide a systematic response facility to computer security threats and incidents. CIRCL is the CERT for the private sector, communes and non-governmental entities in Luxembourg.
  • About SUNET

    SUNET's aim is to provide Swedish universities and colleges with access to well-developed and effective national and international data communication, national academic identity infrastructure and related services that meet their needs, whatever their geographical location. 


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  • Venue & Access

    Event venue address

    SUNET, Tulegatan 11, 3rd floor Tulegatan 11 3rd floor 11386 Stockholm Sweden


    By foot It takes about 20 minutes to walk from the Central Station to Tulegatan 11 To Tulegatan 11 from the Central Station with Google Maps.   By Metro Take Green line 17 or 18 from the Central Station to the station Rådmansgatan. From there it is a 4 min. walk. To Tulegatan 11 from Rådmansgatan with Google Maps.
    Wheelchair friendly Unknown
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